Friday, April 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Tokba!!
Date : April 14th, 2010
Venue : The Gardens, The Curve
This is the T that mummy prepared for Aidan to wear on that particular night.. Unfortunately, some of the alphabets stickers were kinda easy to fall off.. Mummy tak sempat grab the right t-shirt stickers.. Duh!! :P

So we decided to wear it and snap few pictures with Tokba, but Tokba was in his room, preparing for the night.. Takper lah.. Kekeke.. So, Achik jadi pengganti.. Kakakaka..

Mummy, trying to snap a picture of my latest favorite shawl.. My beautiful + colorful "skeleton" shawl.. Just love it! :)

... and ofcoz, with best buddy!! :)) GENG MAK!

" Yer, betul!!! " :))

Everybody is enjoying the food.. Mine is 608 on the menu.. Kakaka.. :) Yummy tummy!!

We really enjoyed the food, and most of us went for Western Food that night.. Steaks and burgers, watermelon and guava juice.. :))

From my view.. :))

Daddy with 609, is it?? :))

Huhuhuhu, i'm drooling now.. Laparnyerrrrr.. :)

" Mummy sayang Aidan, Aidan sayang mummy, kita sayang sama2, sama2 sayang.. " This is the song that i always sing for him.. :))

Tokma and Tokba, birthday boy?? :)

Aniq and Aidan.. both wore the same t-shirt.. Serious tak janji.. Kekekeke.. :))

To Tokba, with love.. :))

Happy Birthday Tokba!! :))

Lovely Day!! :))

Daddy and son.. :)

We 3, family time!!

Aidan excited bila daddy lifted him up like that.. :))

Gambar candid from daddy.. Erkkk..

Si kicik yang very observant now.. :)

Love.. love.. love.. :)

Daddy yang tak sempat capture the whole video.. Ayoyoyo.. Last speech to Tokba, "Happy birthday Tokba, we love you!!".. :) Thanks for everything..

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