Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oh Aidan..

Here it is, well, since Saturday lagi Aidan ada sedikit cranky and tak nak kat saper2 pun, except for mummy and daddy.. Huhuhu.. Tokba and Tokma yang jumpa most of the day since baby lagi pun Aidan tak nak, which really left me with a question mark.. Hmmm.. Dah kenapa? Oh my, dah start kenal lah ni.. Right now, Aidan macam tengah filter those, surrounding him.. Yang kenal, tak kenal and mana yang dia nak and vice versa..

I was and still am actually, praying for him to be able to behave at his best bila saper2 adik- beradik yang pegang Aidan, sebab i need him to socialize a little bit more, belajar berdikari and not to tag along with me ke mana saja i pegi later on.. So, memanglah nak kena start dari baby lagi.. But, since siang, Aidan will be staying with me jer kat rumah Kelana Jaya, it seems like he is getting used to 'Mummy + Aidan' and nobody else.. Hmmm..

Since i was proposed to do something later on, and demand most of my time kat luar, i decided to send off Aidan to his aunties in Shah Alam, waktu siang.. Maybe from 10 to 4 like that, and the routine will not only benefit me, in a way, but will help Aidan to learn to be a little independent, and to socialize with the cousins, Nurin, Haikal, Mian, Wawa, Nabilah, and Abang Mamat.. I heard people say that, kids who are being exposed to one another, selalu cepat jer in everything that they do.. They become more creative, smart, and yaaaa, nakal sikit pun ada.. hahaha.. the fact that bila diorang stay together, and changes idea of this and that, mula lah nakal cikit.. Kekeke.. But as long as they learn at the same time, takper.. :)

Maktam did offer to look after Aidan, and i let Makngah tau about it, as since i may not be around, Maktam might need her once in a while for a help.. Thanks to both of my sisters and Opah, who actually offer gak, but my mom is not that fit to handle babies, but small kids, setakat tengok macam2 tuh je, still okay.. :) So, lega sikit rasa, since i know Aidan will be in good hands..

So , today, since i have an appointment with my long term client, i left Aidan with them in Shah Alam, and i was not really surprised to know that Aidan tak senang duduk, nangis2 and tak nak tido.. Thanks to Abang Mamat, lepas balik sekolah jer, dukung Aidan here and there, sebab bila Abang Mamat dukung Aidan, baru dia stop menangis.. Huhuhu.. Nasib baik, my lunch appointment sangatlah pendek jer, and terus rushed balik tumah to get the kicik.. Sempat singgah rumah Makngah for like 1 hour, and then terus balik Kelana Jaya..

Now, i am all pity si kicik.. Can he handle the fact that i may not be around him waktu siang as often as i used to?? Or the right question is, Can I handle the fact that I am not gonna be seeing my son as often as i used to?? *BOTH MUMMY AND SON ** SIGH!! :))

Nurin and Haikal, cheeky kids.. Nurin, achu poyo tak?? :P Kakakaka.. Poyo is her current favorite word.. Aaaappp! :P

Opah and Aidan.. :) Best tak Opah kepala botak Aidan?? Tihihihi.. :)

Aidan bila balik tengok Opah, pasti dapat duit poket.. Kekeke.. Kali ni, Opah bagi terus kat Aidan, pegang rapat kay?? Sampai si kicik tertido, barulah lepas.. :) Hahaha!

Bye Opah, and Abang Mamat, yang konon nyer tak nak kena tangkap gambar ngan Paparazi.. :P

Haaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkk!! Amik ko.. Kakakaka.. :P
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