Thursday, April 1, 2010

Homemade Yummy Baby Food.. :)

Thanks to Aunty Evie, for sharing this wonderful website on baby food..

Here, we can find many delicious, super finger licking good, baby food!! And i just can't wait to prepare them to my beloved Aidan.. Currently, Aidan just take Heinz Vege Mash sahaja, and it would be wonderful for him try something else plak.. Yeahhh!!

Besides Annabel Karmel, there are many websites that can teach us to be EXTRA CREATIVE, in preparing the babies food.. Come on, make it yummy mummy!! Superrrrrrr!! I don't know about you, but me and my friend Evie, we will try everything first before we feed our babies.. For example, Mamex Gold to me is delicious, compared to Isomil (soy based formula) the one Aidan took before, Heinz Vege memang sedapppppp ( mummy pun boleh gak layan this baby food sambil tengok Glee, hahaha.. ) and Gerber Peach, since Aidan tak sesuai lagi minum, mummy take once a day during breakfast, and yummy too (manis juga air nih.. :P).. If mummy suker and find it nice, baru la mummy kasik kat my dear kicik.. :)

Okay, back to the 'other websites'.. They are : - yummy, if you plan to feed your baby blended rice and chicken :)

So, to prepare this, mummy need :

Aidan's own blender, so that mummy can blend chicken, rice and everything at all for Aidan's yummy tummy food.. :)) Small blender will do, and these sets of baby food storage.. BPA free, please.. :P

Aidan's latest GIFT from daddy and mummy, his own baby squirt food dispenser.. Orange lagi.. Banyak color, but i picked this color.. I just love this item, as it is easy to use, and helps a lot during our outings and travel2.. :)) Senang, dalam keta pun mummy boleh suapkan Aidan his food.. The food will be stored inside it, and what mummy just need to do, is to squeeze it out, and the portion dah di- set to be just nice for the babies.. :) We got this at a very cheap priceeeee.. Giler lah best!! Hahaha.. Smart spending guys.. Janji bukan pre- loved :)) Kakaka..
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