Tuesday, April 6, 2010

For Aidan's record, and for him to share with his own children later on.. :)

It's your first time, baby.. :)

Smiled - 3 months old
Laughed - 5 months old
Held your head up - 5 months old
Rolled over - 4 months old
Reached for mummy - 6 months old
Reached for daddy - 6 months old
Slept through the night - 5 months old
Found your foot - 5 months old
Ate solid food -6 months old
You smile at - funny faces and when someone call your name
You giggle at - MUMMY'S FUNNY DANCE ROUTINE, kekeke..
You laugh out loud - when someone tickle you on your tummy and armpits.. hehehe..
Your silly noise sounds like - i can't best describe it, but daddy said like 'Ju- on'.. More like - meneran suara.. Hahaha..
Daddy's siliest face looks like - hahaha, later mummy snap one for you.. kekeke..
Mummy's siliest face looks like - later daddy will snap one for you.. :P hahaha..
We make you smile for photos by - Mummy or Daddy.. With Uncle Rahman, Aidan didn't smile yet,, Anak mummy tak tau senyum lagi that time.. :)
Your ticklish spots are - your tummy, and armpits.. :P CHOMEIIIII!!
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