Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mummy's new chumel, tiny, little gadget!

Today, hubby came back for just a while to hand me this super cute gift, my own baby lappy!! Small in size, but most of the functions are just like normal laptops, just that tak boleh la nak tgk dvds since takder player attached.. But, i was overwhelmed and still rasa happy sangat with the gift.. My BABY VAIO LAPPY!! Thanks daddy!!

Daddy's laptop pun dah agak lama, if i'm not mistaken dah 2 years.. Daddy did complaint yang his lappy pun dah start nak buat perangai, so, takper daddy, if your lappy tiba2 jer buat perangai later on, you can have mine.. Kekekeke.. Sharing is caring!! :))

Daddy said ' you bukan nak buat apa sangat kan, boleh la blogging and stuff.. '.. Hehehehe.. Yer, actually selama ni, asyik pinjam laptop daddy jer, now i have my own.. My chumel little gadget, from my one and only hubby!! Love you daddy!! :)

I always love the pink color, or the white one, but daddy bought me black color, katanya lagi nampak elegant.. :)

I love it, daddy!! Thanks!!
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