Wednesday, April 28, 2010

For me to Double Check Myself!

11 dangerous car seat mistakes parents make!

Thanks to for updating me with the latest, beneficial news.. :)

Not using a safety seat consistently
- oh my, this is me.. sometimes, i just put him on my lap.. Ofcoz, when HUBBY'S DRIVING..

Using an old or secondhand seat
- oh dear, this is me also.. currently using his cousin's.. but still in good condition and strong, though.. hmmm *wondering..

Turning your child to face forward too soon
- oh no, lega! hahaha..

Moving your child out of his car seat or booster too soon
- obviously no, sebab aidan can't seat on his own just yet, and tak balance lagi.. :)

Not installing a safety seat correctly
- nope! daddy will make sure the car seat is installed correctly before letting us off..

Not using a locking clip or using it incorrectly
- nope! daddy will check on it too..

Not securing your child in the seat
- ofcoz mummy will fasten his seat belt.. :)

Not buckling a car seat into the car
- ofcoz buatnyer!! :)

Holding your child on your lap
- back to my first mistake.. :(

Letting two kids share one seat belt
- saya anak sorang.. :)

Letting your child ride in the front seat
- ALAMAK!! Ergggggg!
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