Sunday, April 11, 2010

Now, OU pun dah baby friendly.. Gagagaga!!

To all mothers, you can now shift your mums day out, from The Curve to One Utama pula!! Yeahhhh!! Or maybe this entry is suitable for me and my 'mumsie' friends, yang kalau plan nak jumpa jer, memang we ended up agree untuk jumpa di The Curve jer..

Why The Curve?? Haaaaa.. Besides that it is near to everybody ( my friends ) and that they have many restaurants yang best2 for a lunch and so, The Curve also provide us, the mothers with a Baby Care Room, which is a very crucial place for all mummies, especially those who breastfeed their babies.. As for me, ofcoz lah to change the kicik's diaper now and then, and ada gak mothers who grab the chance to mandikan their babies there, which i find so inappropriate, since they only provide us, the diaper changing place, the small rooms for those nak breastfeed, and .... ONE SMALL BATHROOM SINK.. So, bila mandikan baby, memanglah basah lantai bilik itu, and don't you find it dangerous for everyone yang nak guna the room too?? Oh my..

Okay, now.. OU too has its own Baby Care Room!! Yeahhhh! Suka nya i, so, skang OU plak jadi pilihan kitorang if we feel like meeting up.. The room is ofcoz situated at the Kids Level, and sangatlah cantik.. Yang penting, they also provide us hot water there, so senang sangat kalau i nak buat susu for Aidan ker apa.. Still new, and di situ ada 4-5 changing sections, 2-3 rooms for mummies to breastfeed ( i can't recall ), a couch for those yang nak tunggu or so, and paling penting ( which i tak guna la pun, although kat rumah Aidan sometimes guna.. kekeke ) is, BUAIAN!!!! kekeke.. Ketawa i ngan Siti, when we witnessed bilik with buaian itu.. Kekekeke..

Memang all this while, each toilet level ada provide small room for mummies and the babies, but IN THE TOILET?? Hahahaha.. I can't imagine, ada ke mummies nak stay in that room for 15-20 minutes, breastfeed the babies, with the undescribable odour tuh?? Hehehe.. That's why selama ni pegi, bilik2 dalam toilet tuh, selalu kosong.. Kakaka.. Nobody dares!! :P

This Baby Care Room is still new, and maybe ramai yang tak tau pasal ni.. So, hopefully this entry will help you on it, kay?? :) OU rocks tak?? Tihihi.. :p

This one is The Curve's Baby Care Room.. :) Belakang Mothercare..

This is OU's.. Cantik kan??

Waiting area..

Bathroom sink, and on my left yang tak nampak in the picture, is the changing sections.. Lupa lak snap picture of it.. :)

The room with buaian.. :P Kakakakaka!!

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