Sunday, April 11, 2010

I've got my answer! Woot woot!

2 days ago, as i was blog hopping, i came to this one blog page of Fara Foxy.. You may know her, and i read about this Garage Sale, and what a coincidence, the venue was very close to my in law's house in Kelana Jaya.. Nope, it's not a walking distance, but enough to give me the urge to ask daddy for a short visit there yesterday.. Not only that i wanted to see, you know, just in case, others trash is my treasure, kakakaka, but, did i mention to you guys that i really am looking forward to let go some of my stuff?? and i just don't know how..

Okay, tipu la kalau kata tak tau langsung.. Yup, nowadays, ada macam2 sources to refer to, like, FB, or even blog to let other people know about it, but isn't it wonderful, kalau boleh buat garage sales di mana all the people yang aware about it, will come and have a look for themselves, and beli on the spot?? Hmmm.. I really love the idea, of knowing saper yang beli barang i gak, so that i know some of the stuff yang i sayang giler, will be in good hands.. Hahahaha.. Ntah apa2 kan?? Kalau dah nak jual, biar jer lah, the new owner nak buat apa pun.. Tuh la sebab nyer, skang dalam almari tu, baju lama but still cantik, but very adorable, but very dah tak padan ERG! kakaka.. masih banyak sampai tak muat almari, and kena plak share ngan my hubby and anak teruna, sebab rumah tak siap lagi, and.. panjang plak nak cerita.. kekeke.. Enough, back to this Garage Sale day..

We arrived there at about 12 noon, right after a short visit to KJMC, the fact that Achik Ieta Aidan admitted there for 2 nights.. Cepat sembuh Achik!! Okay, sampai jer depan this house where the Garage Sales took place, i saw... MAMA FEEZA!! Oh my!! " Ko tak bgtau nak datang, yek??"- mummy, " Tu la ko, aku ada la bagitau, kan i did mention on the phone, kalau2 you ada nak jual barang?"- Mama Feeza.. Ha ah, i did recall the conversation earlier, but nevermind, she came with her school friends that mummy pun tak kenal, so, it's okay.. Kekeke..

Orait, the Garage Sales was a very nice, small event, and i ofcoz asked the organizer to let me know about the next one, and i shall NOT miss it for the world.. Really2 need a place for me to sell off most of my things, before masuk rumah later.. Tak nak lah bring things that i will NOT be using dah pun, and it will only demand for more spaces, and ini sangatlah merugikan..

So, Aunty Evie, yang juga looking forward for event macam ni, later i will let you know bila and di mana yer.. Jom sama2 kemas almari.. Hahahaha..

Pastu, it's FAMILY TIME!! This week, i asked daddy to surprise us both plak.. Bring us anywhere you feel like it, and daddy drove us straight to KL, and yup, this week we went to Pavilion plak.. Reason being, not only nak carik some outing shirts and seluar pakai rumah for the kicik, daddy also wanna bring us makan2, and this time La Bodega menjadi pilihan..

We did ask for Spanish rice, since the description of it pun dah left us drooling, but hey!! We were asked to wait for 30-45 minutes for them to prepare the food.. Mak aiii!! "Is it worth for me to wait?? Worth the wait, really??"- Mummy.. "You sure gonna be surprise.. it is definitely nice!!"- the waiter.. But then, biasalah orang nak jual, air masak pun diorang kata diorang nyer sedap.. Betul tak?? Okay then, we ordered and we left for few minutes, jalan2 before headed back for the 'irrisistible spanish rice yang obviously besau2 and gumuk2 itu..' Hahaha..

Now, bila dah smpai balik, and the food pun arrived, seperti biasa, we tag team lah untuk jaga Aidan, and daddy, as usual, being one nice gentleman, asked me to eat first.. Nyeh3.. Kakaka.. "Oh my, sedap.. But seriously, macam nasi goreng mama masak jer kat rumah,, serious!! Kakaka.." Hubby dah start senyum, sebab if you want to know, my hubby ni tak akan makan something yang pelik2, and the food yang arrived ni, bukan la pelik mana, but nasi and all the kerang, and kupang dimasak together, and my hubby at first macam erggg..! But bila dengar i kata sedap, and reminded us of nasi goreng my in law, terus dia kata, "Okay!!" Hahaha.. So guys, jangan lupa yer, kalau pegi La bodega, ask for this Spanish food, wokieh?? Sedaaaappp..! :)

Enough said, smalam lotehhh sangat, sebab on the way balik, singgah Giant for some groceries, and mummy bought some stuff for the kicik's birthday party project.. As i was typing ni pun, tgh buat sket2 project tuh.. Later, i will update here with pictures.. To Siti, cups pun i dah beli, tinggal nak decorate jerr.. Nanti i bgtau u, yer.. :)

Here are the pictures.. :)


Garage Sale, SS7/4 Kelana Jaya
Pavilion - La Bodega, Mothercare, Pumpkin Patch, Gap Kids, Guess Kids, Marc J, and many more.. Last but not least, J-co Donuts!! Ngeeeee!
Giant - :)

The Garage Sale.. :)
Buat di rumah, jimat duit tapak.. Before this, diorang buat di tempat lain.. Kekeke.. :) Good idea kan?? Nama pun garage sale.. :P
Some of the stuff that you can find there.. :)

New stuff pun ada gak.. :)

Kain cotton cantik2, boleh buat baju raya nih.. Kuang3.. :P

Aidan pun ikut sekali.. :)

" Ke mana ada geng, di situ ada saya "- Aidan.. kekekeke

" Ke mana ada cinta hati, and permata hati, di situ juga ada saya "- Daddy.. kakakaka..

Best!! Gambar from internet.. Say NO to beer beer.. :P

Nice one!

Ini amik from internet, apa la Beer Beer.. kekeke..

Bila dah lapar.. :)

Daddy, layan si kicik as mummy eat first, pastu mummy lak turn yerrr.. :) Miss la daddy, makan sama2.. :(

Daddy's time to eat now.. :)

Mummy and Aidan.. :)

Aidan's first Snickers.. to PLAY ofcoz.. Our way to distract him from asking for a lift.. :)

Berkesan pun kejap jer, sebab..

Pastu nangis nak di- carry, and daddy jadi mangsa, kena tarik rambut!! Hehehe.. Naughty la Aidan.. :)

Wajib family picture.. Daddy thought i was taking my own picture, but leaning against him.. Aiyaaa, daddy.. :)

One nice 'jenjalan'.. :))
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