Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cool game.. Guitar Hero! Suitable for family activity too.. Imagine daddy, playing Guns'n'Roses songs.. Macam mana yek?? Kekeke..

Okay, now.. Let's play some Video Games!!

Are video games actually BAD for kids?

Nahhhhhh, just put time limits, mummies.. It's not all about shooting other people and stuff.. It is more than that.. But if you find it a little bit too much in certain2 games, then find the right ones you think suits his age and learning skills.. :) Jom Aidan, game time! *Tiba2.. :P

Taken from : CBS NEWS

Working on a story about video games means going to the experts. So Sieberg asked two teenage girls: "Are video games cool?"

One said, "Well, yeah, there are many definitions of 'cool.'"

But what's cool for parents is that a new study finds that all that time in front of a screen isn't such a bad thing.

"I think we have this image that people who play games are playing them alone in a dark basement and in fact what we found is that the majority of teens engage with other people most of the time," said Amanda Lenhart, of the Pew Internet and American Life Project, which supported the study

"Kids are talking with each other, helping each other, sharing knowledge together," said Connie Yowell of the MacArthur Foundation, which also supported the study. "It's really peer-based learning going on.

That's because playing games often involves problem-solving, achieving goals or overcoming obstacles - skills that educators applaud.

"There's a real promise here to harness the enthusiasm of young people for games and to use that to help them learn things more effectively in the classroom," Lenhart said.

So parents, relax. You may not get it, or like it, but your kids are learning more than how to smash dinosaurs.

Taken from :

Though you may remember a time when they didn’t even exist, there will never be a time again that they won’t be around. Video games are a technological explosion from year to year as the games become more and more realistic, jumping in a very short time from flat screens with bouncing balls to 3-D total immersion games. Video games can now talk to you, using your name and they have become so realistic that there are even devices that make you feel vibrations in your hands when you bump into a wall or get punched by an enemy. There is a lot of controversy about how bad video games are for children, in regards to violence, and general obsession with playing, so much so that nothing else matters to them. Having been quite involved in more than one video game in my time, I can attest to the fact that they can become quite addicting and there is a kind of obsession that drives you to keep playing until you’ve won the game, but are video games all bad?

Video games have many benefits to children which most of us never even think of. Video games promote good eye-hand coordination, problem solving skills, critical thinking and competition. There is always competition in a video game, whether it be against the computer, another player or your own self. Competition is healthy in urging us to do our best and succeed. Critical thinking skills are important in school as are problem solving skills. Video games are also beneficial in introducing children to computers and while not the most popular games among children, there are many educational games.

Of course, moderation is the key to any good thing. If you think your child is spending too much time with his face stuck to the television or if he gets irritable when you ask him to turn it off, it’s probably too much. Set limits on how long your child can play each day and make sure he goes outside to play once in awhile! JOMMMMMM!!

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