Saturday, May 15, 2010

One hectic Saturday.. Fuhhh!

Last night, daddy was busying himself, looking at a list of warehouse sales in Klang Valley area and got to know few that might interest us.. Since we are half way (now, yeepee!) now, to move into our own crib, we might need to furnish it.. Currently, we are focusing only on the basic stuff, and InsyaAllah, bit by bit, the house will be fully furnished and barulah boleh nak decor2 sket.. Huhuhu.. Looking forward for it.. :) ( Ohhhh ya, my sister from US will be coming back this Tuesday, and for sure all of us, the siblings, can't wait to see her, and yes! with few wall decors and other things that she bought back home.. Can't wait to look at my gorgeous wall candle holders.. Yes! )

So, today.. Pagi2 lagi daddy reminded us about it, and we decided to head for the Electrolux Warehouse Sale in Glenmarie, sebab it was the closest one to us, and right after that, boleh buat spot check di Cahaya.. :) Since the kicik tagged along, and few things to settle off before leaving home, we arrived at the said place, quite late.. Sampai saja, berduyun2 orang keluar, dah nak balik.. We still wanted to see this so called- crazy sale 'scene'.. Hehehe.. Oh my!! 'Sapu bersih!'.. 99% of the items there dah pun sold out, and the workers were busying themselves with the wrapping process, and yang tinggal hanya lah saki baki small fridge, hood, and blenders.. Hahaha! Goshhhh!! Crazy mark down.. For fridge, normal price rm6-7k, tadi tinggal rm3k.. For washing machine, ada lah dalam rm1k++! Gosh!! Hood, rm180!! Crazyyyyyyyyy!! BUT, we missed it.. *Sigh.. Looking forward for the next warehouse sale!!

Right after that, terus singgah Cahaya, and got to meet up with my friend, Lizzie! I saw her car kat our Clubhouse, terus follow dia sampai ke rumah dia.. Hahaha.. So, we got the chance to look at her house, and the renovation is still on.. But, really love to see her spacious walk- in closet! Huhuhu!! Nice one.. :)

Hari ni gak, we went to look for furniture.. Tau tak, we really want to find something yang dah old school but still nampak so gorgeous.. Antiques? Yup.. Since daddy and mummy decided to furnish the house with woods and bricks, tadi jenuhlah mencari dining table and sofa set yang nampak macam old school sket.. For dining table, senang.. But sofa set, hmmm * takper lah, mix and match jer.. I want to play with colours!! Colours and more colours.. Huhuhu!

Seperti biasa, OU masih dalam list 'akan pergi' today.. Hahaha.. We went there pun dah quite late, had a very nice late lunch, and jalan2 ke hulu ke hilir, up until daddy decided to look for another game disc.. Tapi kaki dua2 orang dah agak 'kong!'.. Kakaka.. tapi dengan azam daddy nak main new game tonight, jalan juga lah kitorang ke wing lama OU.. Ohhh ya, sempat gak singgah Mothercare, bought Aidan his own Oral Care Rabbit.. Chomieiii.. :)

Since currently macam susah jer both daddy and mummy nak online kalau Aidan ada, sebab dia keje nak berebut jer lappy ngan both of us jer.. So, we went to Toys'R'Us, carikkan Aidan his baby lappy.. Tapi tengok2, takder satu pun yang worth it to buy now, sebab semuanya cute2, and very educational one, macam lah Aidan dah tau nak respond dengan gadget tuh.. But, we might wanna get him one, and simpan sampai Aidan dah besar later.. Too many choices, and we might get one of these.. Chomeiiiii giler!!

Their educational process, should be FUN and INSPIRING, right?? :)))

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