Saturday, May 1, 2010

Visiting Opah, and spending time with cousins.. :)
Mummy Fadd, i read about your visit to Ikano last Friday, aiming for the super crazy sales for Crocs.. Well, bukan you jer yang really into it, both my sisters pun didn't want to miss out that great bargain.. Crazy cheap kan? Still remember tired looking faces of my sisters right after they reached home, tapi nampak so content, sebab berjaya gak membawa pulang few pairs for the sisters, and nieces yang sempat pesan.. Cute2 plak tu.. So, good buy la that day.. :) Since both of them wanted to make some shopping, i decided to help them with their kids, by fetching them from school.. With my mom yang tak berapa nak sihat lately ni, batuk2 and selsema, lagi la buat i nak balik Shah Alam, just to see her personally, dari both of us bergayut on the phone jer.. Tihihi..

Bila sampai jer Shah Alam, terus rasa nak spend a night there.. Rasa tak puas nak enjoy the food there, lepak2 ngan my mum, and spend some quality time with my nieces and nephews.. Miss sangat zaman2 muda i spend time with my nieces yang jarak umur takder lah jauh sangat, so lagi best! I decided to bring them makan2, jalan2 and at the same time, nak beli few things for birthday party nyer thingy.. So, off we went to Sunway Pyramid..

Oh ya, ofcoz at this point my sisters dah balik from Ikano, and Aidan, i tinggalkan for few hours with them.. Tak sure how he acted masa i takder, sebab nowadays Aidan dah pandai filter those dia dah biasa and tak, but from what i was told, he just love to follow her aunties around.. Pegi bank, and stuff.. :)) Itulah anak mak, suka jalan2.. But, biasa lah budak2, they just love to go jalan2, like Nuwin.. yes you, darl.. :) Selalu jer nak ikut Makngah dia pegi mana2, walaupun tak turun kete, and oh waittttt.. i used to be like that too, masa datang KL from Alor Setar during my primary school breaks dulu.. Nak jer ikut sana sini.. * Sigh.. Cepatnyer masa berlalu.. Huhuhu..

Location : Sunway Pyramid - Miss selfridge, Topshop, Pappa Rich, Diva.. :)

Partners in crime : Achu Sara, Fatin, Sha Sha, Mamat (budak jaga *****) Hahahaha!!

Location : Seksyen 9, Shah Alam
New partner joined : Kakak Farah Jonnie
Nabilah, Haikal and Nurin.. :)

Mamat, hari ni May 1st, Mamat dapat cuti.. kakaka.. :P

Fatin.. :)

Having a great time.. :)

Very nice chicken porridge.. :)

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