Saturday, May 1, 2010

Anya Ink, by Anya Hindmarch!

Alaaaaaaaaa.. i missed it! Yesterday, my mom handed me an invitation card.. From one of my favorite designer when it comes to handbags.. Yup, Anya Hindmarch, i love the name Anya.. (boleh tak untuk adik Aidan nanti..?) Kuang3.. Not that she invited me personally la.. Hahaha.. But since i am one of her loyal customer, kakakaka (perasan, kidding! :P), Anya Hindmarch invited me to Anya Ink event..

A very cute invitation card.. As i was admiring the card, i got all excited (sebab i suka event macam2 ni, and ofcoz Karen Millen's nyer event is something that nobody should miss.. :)) tapi tiba2 jer macam frust sangat, right after i saw the date of the event.. Goshhhh! I missed it.. Cedeeeeyyyy.. :(

The invitation to visit Anya's pop- up Tattoo Parlour, decorated with whimsical, (temporary) body art by Anya's in- store Tattooist, and yang penting, we able to view the SS10 collections!! Yerrrr, penting tuh.. Hahahaha.. Tapi.. I MISSED IT!!! Grrrrrrr!!

Particulars on the event:

Wednesday 28th - Thursday 29th April 2010

3-6 pm or 6-9 pm

Anya Hindmarch

Lot 105B

Suria KLCC

This event is by invitation only.. and I MISSED IT!!! ( nada tak puas hati mummy.. huhuhuhu )

Lesson for today : Kena tukar address from Achik Ha's address in Shah Alam to my current address, which is Tokba's address in KJ.. Huhuhu.. If not, memang miss macam2.. Huhuhuhu.. :)

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