Wednesday, May 12, 2010

When scolding is NOT and option.. :)

Huhuhuhu! Mummy cried and cried and the kicik tiba2 jer stopped from what he was doing, looked at me with his puzzled face, and suddenly 'sebek' until he cried out loud.. Hehehe.. Kesian Aidan.. Please take note, that this video is not like mummy torturing her son or whatsoever.. Hahaha..

Actually, today, mummy felt really tired, sebab today jer macam2 nak kena settlekan.. Pagi2 seperti biasa nak kena siapkan Aidan, make sure the room kemas before we left for Hous Depot ( ohhh, shopping for my kitchen sink ) and ofcoz, laundry.. Kena settle semua tuh, semestinya.. Since today Achik Ieta decided to join us, the A class contractors, kakakaka, senang la sket mummy do all the talkings and discussions on the phone with daddy, on which sink to buy.. Ofcoz, the one yang will decide on everything is daddy.. :)) So, yup, i got my sink!! :))

So, lepas tengok rumah, and went for a short visit to my SIL's house in BJ, terus shoot ke Shah Alam, dropped off Achik Ieta, and we continued our way to Opah's.. Yeahhhhh!! Skang, everyday jumpa Opah tersayang.. :) Tiap2 hari mummy and Aidan yang merangkap title contractor ni, balik dalam keadaan yang penat.. Letih sket, but worth it.. Sebab today, sempat gak mummy perasan that hole for my kitchen sink tu, macam ke tepi sket2, tak betul2 tengah.. Nasib baik mummy sempat tegur diorang.. Tu lah, kena gak ada di sana, untuk observe the work.. * Sigh..

Bila balik ngan tak larat nih, biasalah, kita nak have our own sweet time?? Sweet time??? Mummy! Hahaha.. Mana boleh sangat mummy.. :)) Bila dah ada anak ni, masa very limited for myself.. Tapi not that i'm whinning, sebab bila rasa letih jer, tengok muka Aidan jer, dah cair dah.. Penat tuh dah jadi hal ker 46.. Hahaha.. So, just now, masa mummy tengah relax2kan diri sambil my hubby playing his 'war' game, kakaka, Aidan yang memang 'mat gadget' in the making, suker kacau mummy with my lappy.. Nak marah, tak boleh, kecil sangat.. Nak tegur, boleh.. Tapi Aidan tak faham, and orang kata 'tak makan saman'.. Hahaha.. so, what i did, i pretended macam menangis.. To my surprise, Aidan tiba2 jer stopped from making loud noises, looked at me, and start la 'mencebik' or 'sebek' as orang Kedah put it.. Mummy nak ketawa, but it worked guys.. Aidan mencebik lagi, and nampak macam nak nangis.. Hahaha..

Terus daddy and mummy decided nak take a video of it, so that nanti bley tunjuk kat Aidan, yang scolding is not an option during his kicik2 time.. Kekekeke.. We love you.. Tapi bila besar, haaaaa, mau tau laaa.. Tihihi.. Pssssst, actually i heard somewhere yang this method is good in teaching your son that you don't like what he's doing, and you are hurting from his actions.. This method katanya works!! Oh ya.. i got it from OPRAH!! :)) GREAT!

Love you Aidan.. nak naughty2 lagi?? :)

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