Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Finding him a proper, yet FUN baby class!
Actually, mummy and few other friends like Aunty Lissa, and Aunty Anne were looking for a proper class for our babies last time, and did visit few of the classes we can find here in KL.. I did mention few that i know, such as Tumble Tots and Gymboree, and yes, Kiz Sports and Gym too..
Tumble Tots is the one we can find at The Curve, while others, are not that far as well.. I did make an entry about Tumble Tots last time, and we made a visit there.. Just that, according to my friend, Aunty Lissa, Gymboree is much more fun, and the energy there is much more superb! Hmmmm.. What now?? Few months after that, i got to know that Liz also send Aiden to Gymboree! So, what's with this Gymboree class, huh?? Hmmm.. I might bring Aidan here, but this is not a decision just yet.. Something for me and daddy to consider now.. Kena buat homework first and a visit, for sure! :))

The layout is said to be just the same ( name it US, Japan, Korea etc2.. ) and as fun as it looks like.. :)

This is the trademark.. The colourful play.. erggg.. thing.. What is that, huh?? :p * scratch2..

Hehehe.. I am not gonna do that.. Not gonna do that.. Hehehe..

Imagine, Aidan and friends.. Jom cepat Aunty Lissa, and Aunty Anne.. I wanna go to school with Aariz and Kaira!! Huhuhu.. :)

See?? Again.. What is this thing?? Super fun right?? :))

Yup, you got it right.. Nicole did send Rose to Gymboree class.. Hahaha.. :P

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