Thursday, June 17, 2010

Isn't he one happy boy?? :)
Oh my.. Look at him.. Hehehe.. Aidan is now one active + happy boy.. Dah pandai main2 dengan cousins dia.. And lately nih, banyak jer observe2 benda, and gelagat the cousins, and i think he is learning.. Huhuhu.. Chumellll..
Hmmmmm.. Sehari with my kiddo.. :))
When it is hot, Aidan will for sure go topless.. :))

He even know how to really enjoy his exersaucer now, kalau banding dengan last time when we first bought him this gift, Aidan lompat2, and try to grab jer the toys.. But now, dia dah tau that - the monkey can go right and left, the birds can produce sound bila diketuk, and so forth.. Great!

Kelakar.. Since he was so active, jumping around, mummy asked him to stand still, and Aidan macam faham jer, and he did stand still.. Tengok tuh.. Kekeke.. :) But, where is that sweet smile of yours, sayang??

Look at that.. Hahahaha.. Ateh call Aidan Cek Dan.. Cek Dan tak dan dan.. Tuh yang keluar awal tuh.. Hehehe.. Cute! Hanya orang utara jer faham kay?? * wink2..

Love you baby!!

My baby boy!!

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