Thursday, June 3, 2010

Funny Mummy.. Ayoyo!

Before apa2 pun, kita gelak dulu.. Wakakakakaka!!


After posting my latest entry, only i realized that i didn't write the name of the menu and etc etc.. Duhhh! (One hand writing this, and the other is hitting myself on the head!) LUPA!!!

Thanks to Miss Nad, for calling me and asking about it.. Kakakaka.. Kelakar, the munite i answered the phone, dia pun tak tau nak tanya apa, and address it as 'candy'.. :) Hehehe.. So sorry Miss Nad, i ter lupa type in the name and what it is actually..

Okay now, these cute little things you can find below, are apples, coated with chocolate, caramel, and everything nice, and ofcoz chuncks of more chocolates, peanuts, and whatever else you desire.. Conclusion, SEDAPPPPP!! :P Tihihihi.. :) I call it, APPLE CHOCOLATE!!

Okie dokie.. END!
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