Thursday, June 3, 2010

Aidan's Baby Tooth Chart.. :)

Anytime soon.. :)

You know or not?? :P That my baby Aidan is actually expecting his first tooth.. Chomei.. :) Well, nowadays, Aidan really loves to bite on things and also whoever is around him.. Opah told me that it won't take too long for him to experience it.. Looking at my baby, i am all agree with it.. Tak cukup benda, bahu, tangan juga yang dia carik.. :)

Actually, i am all patient about his development, and i don't want to force him at all, although i admit that there were times that i wished he could do this and that.. Sebabnyer, mummy Aidan nih tak sabar and excited sangat.. Tapi bila fikir2, i don't want for him to grow big too fast.. i am still overwhelming with his presents in my life.. I want to enjoy every minute of it, and thanks to hubby, i am able to spend my time with my little one, and need no maid or this place we called nursery at all.. :)

And now, his gum is itching, and eventhough there is no other sign than that, i am all prepared for it, with one hand holding none other than the 'Gripe Water'.. :) So, any time soon, guys.. :)
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