Sunday, June 6, 2010

It sure is FUN!

Yup, the kids for sure, had a blast today.. :) Why? Today, my sister Sha suggested for an outing to the water park.. :)) Since we had a small gathering just now, and there were many kids here today ( the cousins :)) we decided to bring some fun for the little ones, and ehem2, the adult ones too.. At least for me! Hehehe..

So, right after lunch, all of us off to the aquatic centre, and quickly made our way to find the most suitable spot, which is ofcoz, that at least has some shades.. Well, the fact that it was only 4 in the evening, and it was really, really sunny.. Okay, panas! Huhuhu.. But, regardless, the kids terus jer jumped into the pool and had a really great time with each other.. :)

Aidan, with his first Batman swimming trunk, pun tak nak lepaskan peluang to spend some quality time with the cousins.. He didn't even cry at all masa dalam air, which is great! He enjoyed every second of it, and the cousins also liked to play with him in the water.. So, double GREAT!! Aidan is now learning, and i can see that.. Bila the cousins talked to him, or teased him, he would sometimes respond to it, and if he's not in the mood, he would definitely ignore you.. Hahahaha.. Macam takder perasaan.. Hehehehe..

So, these are some of the pictures during our outing today.. Enjoy!

p/s: Oh ya, Our Aunty Pia is now a Mrs.. Congrats Pia!! I shall post the entry tomorrow ya.. We love all the pictures during your BIG day! And you were sooooooo.. BEAUTIFUL!! Mmmmuuaaaxx!!

Hannah, having so much fun in the water.. :)

From my view.. :)

Zach feeling good again, after days of having flu.. Alalalala..

Omar.. :) Omar no. 1 sekolah agama.. Yeahhhhhh! :)) Congrats..

Kati, lawa shades.. Hahahaha.. :)

Getting the kicik ready for a fun-tastic experience playing in the water.. :)

Being the youngest is oh so, FUN!

I need to ask them to go and have fun, just to snap one pic of us two.. Hahaha.. :)

Nurin, Mian, Aliah, and Hannah.. :) Ni baru 4 orang kay, ada lagi nih.. mana hilang?? :)

Hannah Banana, Soraya Papaya! :P

Nurin, getting ready for a splash2.. :)

Haikal really enjoyed himself, tak takut langsung lompat2.. * Sigh, i yang tengok, jadi takut.. Hahaha..

Mummy's son pun nak gak floats.. Hehehe..

Daddy to the rescue, both mummy and Aidan basah kuyup.. Hahaha.. Thanks daddy.. :)

See, adults pun suker what.. Hahaha.. :P

Final game before we all say Goodbye to the pool.. :)

Bye!! We had so much fun here.. :)) Cousins yang datang today baru setengah from the actual total tau.. Hahaha.. My side, Aidan have 32 cousins.. And from daddy's side, you have 2.. :) Best nyer, banyak geng.. :)

Huh! Freshhhhhhhhhh!! After a proper bath at home.. :)

Daddy loves you, Aidan.. :)

Mummy too.. :))

p/s : Now, my next project with Aidan is on.. I bought Aidan few sets of stickers like, 'Visiting to the Zoo, to the Beach, to the Pool' and so many more.. Now, i need a frame.. Wooden ones and definitely the right picture to be framed, and be decorated with the cute-ssssyyyyy stickers.. :)) Best2..
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