Thursday, June 3, 2010

Simply a good deed! :)

Today, we were supposed to bring all the kids to the water park, for a fun-tastic visit.. But, last minute jer, we got to know that few of the cousins still ada exams for tomorrow, so we decided to postponed it to tomorrow.. Huhuhu..

Since most of them were like looking forward for it, especially Haikal, Zach and Yaya, i decided to bring the water park to my sister's home in Shah Alam.. Kekeke.. Yup, we played splashing- water- using- the- pipes.. Hahaha.. Now, the good deed they did, is by helping me with Uncle Khairi's car.. Yup, wash2 time!

It's great to see them happy and laughing real hard.. :) We did some contest on wash2 time, and ofcoz, the eldest of all, Zach won!.. :)) Buli yer?? :P

Question now.. Where's Aidan..?? Hmmmm.. in the house, next to the sliding door, and then being entertained by none other than Opah and Ateh.. :)) Mummy and the kids were having so much fun.. :)

*** To Uncle Khairi, RM1 each please.. Nyeh3.. :)) Lepas ni, kete mummy plak.. Tihihi.. :)

p/s : Good job Nurin, coz you are now, officially, an adult kid.. Less than a week of potty training, she is now 'in control'.. Hehehe.. And you are only 2 years plus.. Wow, later you teach Aidan kay?? Hihihi.. :)

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