Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mummy and Daddy's "Super Power Hebat".. :)

Today, daddy and mummy got something cute for Aidan.. His own 'Superheroes' costume.. From Spiderman, Superman, and Batman.. Yeepee!! The minute we saw them, we had no second thought.. Aidan should have these!! Super cute!! And it is definitely not the one you can find in Mothercare, yang mahal2 giler tuh.. Hahaha.. These are the ones that are at reasonable prices with good quality fabrics.. :)

These are the superheroes that everyone, ofcoz that includes daddy, adores so much, and since daddy has most of the limited editions comics for Spiderman that he would one day give to Aidan, we really think that a costume will complete the whole thing.. :) Not to forget, that last week, mummy did buy him a Superman multipurpose box, and a Batman swimming trunk, and i think this time around, it is all about 'Superheroes'.. Hehehe..

Now, our new project with Aidan is to COLLECT COSTUMES of superheroes and any cartoon characters!! And it would be awesome to see him in his costume each time he plays in his play room and see how he acts in them.. Hehehe.. Super cute!! Chomelll kan?? :))

The first batch of Superheroes costume.. I just can't wait to hang them in his own 'Superheroes' closet.. The first batch of his own collections.. Hehehe..

Spiderman with hood, which actually can covers the whole face.. hahaha.. Baru mata ada at the right place.. Hehehe..

Spiderman, and ofcoz with it's own trademark, if you know what i mean.. hehehe..

The most favorite one.. Batman with hood.. Same like the earlier one, the hood can covers the whole face.. Chomeiiii.. :)

- Being Superman!

Being attacked by daddy.. See how he fought.. :))

Alamak.. Macam nak kalah jer anak mummy nih.. Ehhh, ehhh, teknik baru la.. kepit tangan daddy guna kaki.. Hahaha.. Bijak2.. :P

Sebelum sempat angkat dan jatuhkan daddy, Aidan pose dulu.. Hahaha..

Yeahhhh, after berjaya tumpaskan pihak lawan.. Aidan made his way back to mummy.. :)

Yeahhhhhh.. menang!!

- Being Spiderman!

Mestilah crawl kan.. Obviously on the floor.. Hahaha..

Spiderman teruja ngan tag2.. Hahaha.. :P

Ohhhhh, hari ni Spiderman cuti.. Hehehe..

- Being Batman

Hehehe.. Macam pakai tudung lak anak mummy ni.. Hahaha.. For safety purposes, mummy just pakaikan his hood like that.. kan dear.. :)

Obviously dah letih si kicik nih.. :) Bad man, bad man, please come again another day, okay?? :P

**** Aidan really loves all his costumes, and he is definitely a very Happy Child!! :)) Yessss!!
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