Friday, June 11, 2010

We heart Gerard Butler, "P.s I love you", and his LOFT!! Hehehe..

This is one of my favorite handsome actors, who has exactly the right taste when it comes to interior designs.. Oh my! It's Gerard Butler guys.. and the crowd cheer 'We are Spartans!!'.. Hehehe.. Not only he caught my eyes in one of his sad.. sad.. movie, P.S I LOVE YOU! side by side with the gorgeous Hillary Swank, but his uniqueness in terms of personality and how he sees things really pushed him up, to my number 1 spot, in my 'favorite things in life' lists.. Hehehe.. I just love.. HIS NEW YORK LOFT!! OMG!!

Have you seen the loft just yet?? I did!! Not in real life though.. Hahaha.. I saw few pictures of his 'OH MY GOD, I JUST LOVE HIS LOFT!!' and to be frank, with this mind of mine, i felt like i was there, and trust me, it is sooooooooo.. beautiful.. The open- space concept really work, guys!! Huhuhuhu.. And the decorations, Gerard just got 10 stars for effort, A+ for good taste, and an applause for being single- yet- stylish.. Hahaha.. This is an example of a house with nothing but 'pure honest'.. I can say that it actually mirrorring who Gerard Butler is, and he is actually enjoying every minute inside this so called loft, that he calls, HOME! :))

Love it, GB!! Good job!!

That open- spacious- space.. NICE!! :)
We can tell that this is a celebrity home, right?? Hehehe..

I think this one, is on, one of his bedrooms.. Cantik kan?

Elegant, and pure honest.. A+++++.. Wink2.. :)

Just perfect!! The materials being used, the combination of natural colors, and yes, the 'used- finishing'.. Just like what i wanted for my house.. I need used, antiques, and beautiful items.. huhuhu.. Saper ada?? :)

Gerard, this is my DREAM HOME!!!! Huhuhu.. :)

p/s: To GB, if only you read this.. Hahahaha.. I love your house, and it would be my dream, to have a tour, or a short visit to your loft.. I already wrote it down, as a thing that i am looking forward to do, before i turn 35! Hahaha.. :P

* Mummy perasan mode.. Kekeke..

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