Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Mummy's new project for the little one.. :)

These are some of the presents i did for my little one, in conjunction with his 9th month birthday, this coming 13th.. :) They are wooden frames with 3D stickers, and they were all decorated with their own theme, such as, Petting Zoo, First Concert, and so forth.. :) We have a lot more, but tonight, these are the ones yang sempat siap.. Hehehe..

What i need :

Wooden frames like below ( thanks to Ikea! )

3D stickers according to theme.. :)

And.. these are the outcome.. :)

p/s : I hope you like them, dear.. We shall frame your pictures accordingly, and i can't wait for our visit to the zoo.. Your first time ever.. :)) I love you Aidan.. :)

Theme : BOY ( for his baby photo ) :))

Theme : A visit to the Zoo! :))

Theme : Sing! ( the first ever concert Aidan will participate ) :))

I just love them.. :))

p/s : I already know where to put the frames later on, when we move into our new house.. :)
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