Thursday, June 10, 2010

Thank you Liz, it feels much closer now.. Hehehe..

Yes, thanks to you Liz, the entry about your holiday to Universal Studios, Singapore really make us 3 drool up until today.. Hehehehe..

I was actually thinking of bringing my family to Singapore for a short holiday to the Universal Studios since last few months, just that hubby currently busy with something.. So, i saja jer tunda jap our intention to go there, and looking forward for some time now, to visit Singapore.. InsyaAllah.. :) But my friend, Liz nyer latest entry made us tak sabar sangat to go there, and spend some quality, family time, just the 3 of us.. :))

So, thanks again Liz.. This is what i got from my findings.. Memang best..! Yessss! Aidan mesti suker.. :))

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