Thursday, June 24, 2010

Next project: Making his own pop- up book!

Currently, mummy is making Aidan, his own pop- up book.. :)) Yeahhh!

Actually, mummy always update things about Aidan and stuff, in Aidan's record book, or scrapbook, or here, through her blog, but mummy said that it would be awesome, if she can create Aidan's own pop- up book, so that, when Aidan grow big, mummy would be able to tell my 'baby' story, with the help of the popping pictures and stuff.. However, this pop- up book really demands a lot of time, since mummy need to find the right pictures, quality paper, and other stuff, to make this pop up book, as nice as we imagine it to be..

Actually, mummy said, you can get the ready- made one, just that it is hard to find it here.. Besides, the personalized ones, are very limited in terms of pages, and, hello.. there is no sentimental value, like at all.. That's why both of us decided to come up with our own pop up book.. We just love to do all these crafty things ourselves, and something that left us with nothing but the memory of doing something great together.. Okay, errrggg! Currently, i am only her inspiration and stuff, but knowing my mummy, she has all her projects in mind, for me to join her later on.. Kekeke..

Wait for the update on 'Aidan and the 2 of us!' for daddy, and for me 'It's a BOY!' and 'Aidan!'.. :)) Awesome!! Give mummy some time okay, since i am now collecting more pictures of Aidan, and his family, cousins and friends! and more colorful fabrics to make my kicik his 10th month birthday gift.. :))

Yeepee Yayy Yayy!!

Nice right.. This is the biggest project ever! We just love it!

More on pop- up books! But these are made by the professionals.. Hahaha.. Mummy will try to make it pleasant, okay la kan Aidan.. :))

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