Thursday, June 24, 2010

It made me realize..

Nowadays, macam2 kita dengar about things yang related to our childrens education.. From this and that, and there might be no UPSR later on?? Hmmmm.. Nak comment apa pun tak tau, because selama ni UPSR, PMR and stuff macam dah sebati dengan kita, and now bila sana sini bincang about not having it anymore, rasa macam tak patut pun ada.. In my personal opinion, these exams sangatlah penting, and patut remain jer.. Why do we want to put a full stop to it.. These are the exams yang let us know the progress of our children and if these exams dah takder, what might happen to them.. Mungkin diorang akan jadi leka, and stuff.. But back again, nak comment lebih2 pun susah..

One more thing, last few days, we had this small chit chatting with the sisters, and masing2 were discussing about the exams results of their children and stuff.. Ofcoz, Bahasa Melayu was one of the hot topic, since nowadays, BM dah jadi one of the subjects yang susah nak score.. Katanya ada sedikit susah, sebab sometimes, soalan boleh mengelirukan.. Bila dengar soalan2 tuh, and the answers yang diorang put as choices, boleh kata dua jawapan macam boleh guna, or jawapan yang for me and the rest kata betul, sekolah kata salah.. So, ada argument kat situ.. Some parents may not realize this, and for others, this is something huge.. Sebab bila anak2 study di rumah, and ask us, kita might give jawapan yang betul, but sekolah still kata salah.. So, macam mana? Hmmm.. BM pun dah jadi one level susah.. * Sigh..

When it comes to English, some teachers sendiri pun sebut perkataan tuh salah.. Not saying my grammar semua nyer mantap.. Hahaha.. But at least, i bukan cikgu English.. Teachers should be someone yang the kids will look up, and jadikan contoh.. My nephew came back and told us, that he had spelling test kat sekolah, and the teacher's pronunciation bagi budak2 rasa nak gelak sendiri.. Why? Stomach ache disebut, stomach 'acheeeee'.. So, macam mana tu? The kids sendiri boleh balik and bgtau the parents, the teacher bagi spelling test, but sebut the word wrongly.. Hmmmmm..

After we heard this, my sister did make a comment or a statement that made me realize that apa yang dia kata memang betul.. Remember or not, last time, like puluh tahun dulu, sapa2 yang keje cikgu ni dipandang tinggi, respected.. Why? Sebab katanya seorang yang berilmu, and pembimbing generasi.. Level cikgu, is like a different level la kan.. Now, those students yang pandai2 semua dah nampak even bigger chance of becoming a doctor, lawyer, businessman, and only few jer yang ended up masuk Maktab Perguruan.. And this title cigu dah tak 'gah' like before.. and quality wise, hmmmmm.. No comment!

*** Aidan nak kena pegi tuition ngan Maktam ni.. kasi mantap sket.. Hahaha..

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