Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Our PD trip is nothing but FUN!!

Huhuhu.. Here are some of the pictures that we took from our 3 days 2 nights stay in Legend International Water Homes, PD! Aidan kata.. " Jom, take a look at my latest visit to the beach.. Don't forget to put some sunscreen, guys.. " Hehehe..

Aidan sangatlah suka outing, kay.. Look at the chicky boy!! :)) Baru nak bertolak from Shah Alam.. :)

... and again.. senyum jerrrr.. :))

With mummy, Aidan dah start nak tido.. Letih senyum kot.. hehehe..

With his cousin, Nurin.. Sayang Nurin.. :)) Masa ni baru sampai..

Mummy pun sayang Nurin.. :))

View from The Legend Chalet.. We took 2 rooms, di chalet and the one di 'Homes' sebab kitorang ramai.. Hahaha..

Sister, nephews and nieces, and yup, hubby.. :)

Aidan with cousins.. They sure enjoyed the trip.. :))

Haikal.. :)

Aidan with Nadhirah and Hannah.. :))

Playing 'nenek2 si bongkok tua', but in this case, a 'datuk' lah kan?? hehehe..

Some of the actions.. :)

Treats from Uncle Khairi, ice cream for everyone.. :)

Aidan's swim time..

Private pool for the kids, and the mummies boleh relax sebab tak perlu nak worry so much about them.. :)

Fun time!! :P

Aidan's baby float..

The spacious space.. 3 king size bed, 2 bed rooms.. suitable for family getaway.. and, very NICE!

The mummies, ofcoz playing LUDO while the kids bermandi manda.. Hehehe!!

Mummy with kiddo, right after LUDO! Ehh ehh, rhyme plak.. :P He is mummy's Surfer Dude!!

The mummies + the sons and daughters.. :)) = BISING, and BEST!!

Second day : Good morning, everyone!!

We are going to the beach!! Hooray!!

Aidan, and Zach!

Dah sampai.. :)) Isn't it nice??

Opah!! Love you!!!!

Building sand castle.. :))

Mummy's boy, with 'sebek' lips.. :)

The kids with their own creativity.. One nice activity, guys.. :)

Pity Yaya, look at her left eye.. It is a little bit swollen, sebab collided with Haikal during their play time.. :(

Bon voyage everybody.. Mummy kata upload sket jer, sebab banyak sangat gambar.. Mummy pun dah pening.. Kekeke..
Till next holiday, daaaaaaa!!

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