Saturday, June 19, 2010

It's a bird, it's a plane, No! It's a bird!

Last Saturday, mummy and daddy brought the kicik to the bird park.. Indoor one, since there was an exhibition on Birds at Ikano.. They call it Bird Park II.. :)

As usual, the first time of everything should be either exciting or simply challenging or in short, scary! Hahahaha.. Aidan both enjoyed the whole thing and vice versa.. He was like looking around, but nervous at the same time.. I could tell that he was enjoying it, but tiba2 jer he wasn't feeling that well, as his second tooth is about to erupt, he became a little bit cranky and asked for attention, like, all the time.. We both took turn, holding him, so that he would feel at ease, calm and most importantly, for him to feel safe.. If not because of his whole gummy- tooth- eruption thing, i bet Aidan would really love the idea of seeing birds and stuff..

Daddy also decided to bring Aidan to Tumble Tots, and this is not the first visit for mummy.. Daddy wanted to see the whole thing, and off we went to TT.. As usual, no one was around, and we had to wait for the person incharge to come and explain to daddy about the classes.. I tried to put Aidan at the play met and see if he was up for it.. Again, he cried, and i know at once, my baby wasn't feeling really well, and yup, i could feel heat here and there.. But bukan demam teruk, just a very low one.. So, after few rounds of shopping for his things that we need in PD, like his beach things and stuff, we went straight home, and ohhh ya, right after a short visit to the clinic, ofcoz! * Sigh.. Pity Aidan..

Come on baby, don't worry.. You will be all fine.. Lepas ni ada gigi banyak, Aidan dah boleh makan macam2.. Hehehe.. You are growing up, darling.. It's a normal thing.. Okay?? Be strong..

Aidan and daddy.. Aidan was admiring the place.. and ofcoz, the birds.. :))

Pity my baby.. He wasn't feeling comfortable at all.. :(

Ostritch eggs.. :)

Kids, do you know that Ostritch Eggs is very.. very.. very.. strong?? It has thick shell.. :)

See, it can take the kids weight.. Hihihi.. Cute!

Aidan also did experience it, but he was all scared! Alalalala..

The parrot is actually eating chilies..

All amazed.. :)


See my kicik.. since he loves gadget, seeing those birds dalam TV lagi dia suka.. hahaha..

TT - The happiest place to learn.. :)

You can tell that he wasn't feeling that good, right??

But, he kinda enjoyed this one.. :)

Some of the stuff that the kids can enjoy there.. :)

** Okay now, we shall visit Gymboree pula.. Hehehe..
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