Friday, June 25, 2010

What inspires what?

This is an entry about.. Cahaya! My houseeeeee! Hehehe.. Okay, rumah i dah nak siap sepenuhnya.! Huh! Jenuh juga menunggu.. Alalala.. :P Alhamdulillah!

Yesterday, my hubby and i went to the house, dah start nak kira on how many lights yang nak guna, the color scheme for the wall and ceiling, and the alang2 kayu thingy, and seriously, i felt really content and seronok sangat.. Not apa tau, just that, this is gonna be my first house, and selama ni, right after kitorang got married, kitorang stay with my sister, and then my in- laws, and back to my sister's.. Hmmm.. Fikir2 balik, kan best kalau ada a place for me to call my home.. Alhamdulillah, when Mr Raymond told me, lagi seminggu siap semua, i rasa macam nak menjerit, 'yahoooooo!'.. kekeke..

Okay, now.. The next question is, theme?.. Okay, theme dah ada.. But, what's gonna inspire the whole thing or in short the arrangement of things in the house, and what kind of material i wanna focus on in the house..? Fikir punya fikir, we decided to stress on natural things, like just bricks, woods, stone tiles, and probably more woods.. Hmmmm.. My taste and hubby lebih kurang sama when it comes to 'the house' cuma few things jer yang kitorang tolerate lah, suami istewi.. Tihihi.. I like things to be a little bit awkward, macam let people question 'why?' and for hubby, element awkward tuh ada, but bersebab.. Tuh jer lah bezanyer.. Hihihi..

So, what inspires what bila nak ber- decor nih?? Hmmmm.. Some people selesa with many concepts, put together, and kalau kena ngan caranya, memang class and cantik sangat.. Just like the 5th winner untuk category apartment tercantik Penang, Kak Noor Saerah! I really admire your taste.. Cantik sangat, and the house really nampak homey and cozy! Bravo Kak Saerah.. :)) Some pula use so many concepts, sampai the house looks biasa balik, and if this is the case, better minimal the things inside the house.. So that the house nampak simple, but still nice..

Some people plak use an item, to be the center of attention, and from there, baru decide on things yang nak guna to complete the whole look.. And i am so into this.. However, this way would ofcoz demand a lot of time, sebab usually, it's not easy to find things that compliment each other like just in a split second, unless you anak raja la.. Hahaha.. But, bit by bit, the house would be just like what you wanted it to be.. Just kena banyak sabar.. :)) Hmmm.. Nak panggil others to come and decorate for you, bukan sahaja mahal, but, macam takder soul and and sentimental value to it.. It should be from your own point of view, and how comfortable you are with all the arrangement and stuff.. Some people may not like what you have in mind or what you just did to your house.. However, if you love it, like it, adore it, that's about it! You may think that your house is 'nothing', but 'something' to some people, and you may thing that your house is beautiful, but for some people, it's just 'biasa'.. Hmmm, so, in short, do what you feel comfortable with your soul.. Right??
I still remember, last time when we visited my hubby's friends di rumah parent's diorang, i was admiring the house, when the mother told me that it took her years to make it look like that.. And she even said that, when you first move into your house, it is just a house.. It should takes us years to make a house, a home! Hmmm.. Sangatlah mendalam maksud dia.. Ofcoz, a house is just a place where we live in, but a home, is actually comes from a feeling of love, and how comfortable we are with it.. Sebab bila dah lama tinggal in the house, dah sebati with all things, and bila tengok rumah pun, kita tau itu taste tuan rumah and diorang comfortable with it, and dengan anak2 ketawa, and the bising2 thingy, all the memories created there, barulah the house jadi 'home' and ofcoz, bila lama2 tinggal situ, barulah the decorations kita buat tuh screams 'us'.. I don't know whether you guys understand this, but at least, i do.. Hahahaha..

Okay, so.. You guys still remember rumah cantik Gerard Butler, yes, concept 'unfinished' memang my favorite.. Tapi tuh la, concept jer nama unfinished, but actually dibuat2 sebegitu rupa, but some contractors kat sini, concept unfinished ni, bagi diorang buat sekerat jalan, and tinggal, besok sambung, and sometimes, diorang tak sambung pun.. * Sigh! Hahaha.. Tuh kena pantau lebih sket, sebab unsur habis sekerat besok sambung ni, terjadi kat salah satu wall i, and kalau lepas cat still nampak kesan 'sambung besok', memang Mr Raymond kita nak kena.. Hahaha..

Okay, gambar rumah later lah yer, bila dah siap sepenuhnya.. Now, i am gonna leave you with some of the inspirations i dapat from the internet.. What inspires what.. Ciao! ;P

Some Morroccan decor and bedding stuff from Zara.. :)

And these too.. :)

Oooooohhh.. Some more! :P

Just perfect.. I am all inspired.. :))

What inspires what? It's all about the blue door.. :))

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