Wednesday, July 14, 2010

3 events in a day!

Happy Birthday Qaira, you are 1!, Majlis Tahlil, and You are 21 Abang Baem! Happy Birthday to you too.. :))

Last Saturday memang hectic for me and hubby, sebab ada 3 events yang nak kena attend.. The first one was Qaira's- Mummy Blogger Amey's daughter nyer party.. The theme was 'BUGS', memang cute sangat! Good job mummy.. That was exactly what i meant by DIY party! Class! *WINK2.. Got to meet her and her daughter, Mummy Blogger Siti and Mia ( since i brought her favors along.. She'll be using them next week, for Mia's party lak ), Mummy Blogger Fadd and her handsome Kazim! ( selalulah check FB noooo Cik Bam Apeng! Hahaha.. ) and few others there.. The event memang sweet, with pretty decorations and delicious food.. All and all, memang puas hati! Hehehe.. :) If not, memang dah tak dapat nak attend sbb ada gak event in Shah Alam..

Qaira and mommy!

Happy Birthday Qaira!
Me and my best fwennnn.. :)

Very nice decor.. Just like what i want for Aidan's BIG day! Macam tau jer Aunty Amey.. :P

Tak lama dapat spend time di event tuh, terus shoot balik ke Shah Alam, for Tahlil Ceremony yang ditunda ke malam, due to some unforeseen event that happened to my brother.. Pagi tuh, tingkap kete dia retak seribu, and we suspected ada orang nak pecah masuk his car.. Area Setiawangsa.. Be careful everyone! So, event tahlil tunda ke malam.. Sempatlah everyone ada di rumah for it.. Alhamdulillah, it went well, and after that, ada sedikit jamuan for everyone.. Pizza time! :))

It was also, Abang Baem's birthday.. The second oldest cousin of Aidan.. Everyone call him 'abang'.. So, our abang has turned 21! Thanks to Farah and Fatin, coz they came up with 2 birthday cakes to surprise the birthday boy.. :)) Okii dokie.. It was just a sweet, simple and very nice gathering.. Good job ladies!

Right after tahlil, celebrating our 'abang'!

By malam, aktiviti wajib kitorang, playing UNO, Parcheese, and Poker with Caleb, Kak Teh, Kak Liha, and hubby! This is the time semua gelak kuat sampai Aidan tak boleh tido, and nak join jer.. Hehehe.. Oooohh, this is also the time, Ateh and daddy pekena each other.. Masing2 nak the other person draw cards banyak2.. hahaha.. And Uncle Caleb selalu menang! Huh!! :P Kekeke..

p/s : Miss you guys already.. My bro in law went back on Sunday, and my sister, she went back the next morning.. with Zachy and my favorite Banana Papaya Lemon ( Hannah )! :( Huhuhu.. Ateh said to me " Jaga Aidan elok2, he's my Aidan!'.. Mummy dah banjir nangis!! Huhuhu!! Cedeyyyy!

Hope to see you again, like real soon! Luv Luv!

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