Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Interested?? Order now!!

Yup, if you are interested in decorating your children's room with this super- stylish 'Wooden Letters', just let me know.. We are open for orders.. Yeepee!!

All you have to do is to take a tour to any blogs, etc that sell these gorgeous letters, and decide on the theme, the fonts, and also the names.. And we will do the rest! Nope, this is not something that i am going to make my own.. ( I am all excited to learn though, kayu di DIY depan rumah, keras sgt and need to use the saw, memang tak dapat lah nak buat sekarang).. Hehehe..

This is a small business that i came up with, together with my sister in US! They have super cute things there, and you can get it here now! Yup, online shopping is there, but don't you find it like expensive (to buy online?)?? And it takes almost 2 months to arrive here, right??

How to order :

1. View the themes you think you like.. You can go to, and many other blogs that you can find online! They have many choices, and we will try to get the exact one, or something like that for you!

2. Email me at, and tell me, the THEME you have chosen, the FONT, the NAMES and the SIZE!

3. I will let you know the availability of the products and how much it's gonna cost you.. :)

4. Upon your agreement to the pricing, we will discuss on the payment method! It is soooo... simple!

5. You may get your GORGEOUS LETTERS in less than a month, InsyaAllah ( if the things you ask is complicated enough for them to cater ) hahahaha.. and ofcoz, blame the airlines if things like this happen! :P

Some of the examples:

* Please take note, it is up to you to decide on the size, and the thickness of the woods.. The price is different for each theme, and DO NOT USE THE PRICING ON THE INTERNET AS YOUR REFERENCE! Please wait for my reply.. :))

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