Thursday, July 1, 2010

And.. The winners are..

Remember last time i did post about my upcoming project for Aidan? The one for 'his bedroom?'.. Yup, now, since my house is 95% completed, i am all ready to create one.. ooppssss.. sorry, two masterpieces for his room, and his play room.. it's all about wall painting, or mural in short.. :)

There are a lot of tips that you can find online about this mural thingy, and you need to be really smart in finding not only the right colors, the right theme, but you also need to remind yourself not to overspend while doing this project.. Yup, some murals (difficult ones and very demanding -in terms of colors, the contrast of colors and stuff) and it may be expensive, like 'what????'.. Yup, trust me.. but i like to make things look expensive, but it is actually not! So, be smart..

How? Find the right theme that is actually using the same 'family color' and not to contrast, or vice versa (for the colorful ones, but max should be 4-5 colors will do! small ones)!.. So, that you can mix this and that, and get new color.. Yup, some tips say don't do this, because you may not get the right color that you want, but trust me, you may get it, and it's all about being creative, and remember, THIS PROJECT SHOULD NOT COST YOU THAT MUCH!! If you feel that it may cost you at some point, then find another theme, that may not use a lot of space, like that one whole wall- so, you might want to come up with something scattered- Smart move! Huhuhu!

Tips number 2 should be, dress the room accordingly.. This is if you have a very obvious theme, like for example, if the mural is all about football, but then, most of his furnitures are all about this 'funny cartoon characters' that you can find on Nick, this is gonna be a disaster!.. So, if possible, pick one general theme, so that you can dress the room 'crazily!'.. Like, "i want to put this here, and that over there, the red hairy one should be on top of the drawers, ohhh ya, that green little monster should be hanged over there, and things like that!" Get me? :)) It will be super cute!

Get the kids to partcipate.. In my case, since Aidan is still small, i may do this for him first, and let him participate right after the paint dries, ofcoz.. The odour, and chemical may not be good for him, so, he may participate later on, and it would be awesome if he can leave his marks on the wall, like maybe his hand prints, and ofcoz, the one thing i wanna do, is to make a mark of his heights on that very wall.. Ofcoz this is gonna be his first mark, once we move into our own house.. :)) It will be super sweet!

Oh, one last thing.. That will crack up all. :P





One MAJOR, IMPORTANT THING is that, the room should be something that YOUR KIDS WOULD LOVE, and NOT YOU! Hahahahaha!! But if your kids are still small, and maybe a baby, IT'S OK!! THE WHOLE HOUSE IS YOURS TO DECIDE!! Kakakakakakakakaka!!

- Mummy being a dictator.. :))

Here are some of the murals i did write an entry before.. :))

Super cute! See.. how many colors should we use over here.. Plus minus, 5 will do..
How about here, hmmmm.. still 5!

Pun 5!!

Way toooooo many colors!

Too simple.. :(
Okay, wait for an entry on this, kay?? You should try too!!
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