Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Zach and Nurin!!

Last Sunday was Zach and Nurin's birthday party.. To celebrate Zach who turned 8, and little Nurin, who turned 3! It was a very sweet party, a family gathering to celebrate them..

Happy Birthday, Zacky and Nuwinnnn.. :))

My baby Aidan.. :)
Two cakes for two birthdays!! Both cakes were super yummy!!

Aidan again, with daddy.. While singing them a happy birthday song.. :))

Loud noise, coming from the kids.. :))

Aunty Tini, helping Nurin with the cake.. :)

Okay, it's makan2 time.. :)

Nurin for sure had a blast that day, she got a lot of toys.. :))

Presents for the birthday girl and boy..

Both were ready to open their presents.. :))

The best present ever for Zachy.. His second collections of bugs.. :))

Love you guys a lot!!! Mmmuuuahhhhh!!
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