Monday, July 12, 2010

Bye- bye Aidan! :))

This is a video of my baby Aidan, who is going to turn 10 months tomorrow.. Moving his hands like waving to say goodbye is his latest skill, and sometimes, he made a sound too.. You may hear him say something like 'baaaa.. or aayaaiii..' while waving his hands.. Hehehe.. Very cute.. Why don't you watch this video of him.. What was he saying yekkk?? Bye2 ke?? Tihihi..

p/s : The way Aidan moves his hand, pun macam kalau pegi kedai mamak.. Kekeke.. 'Mamak, nasi rm4 satu..' and the mamak goes 'Orait!!' (WHILE WAVING HIS HAND LIKE AIDAN!! Hahaha!!

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