Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dinasour.. :P
One fun outing!

Here are some of the pictures that we would like to share with you, during our outing to ICT last week.. It was a nice trip! Mummy snaped a lot of pictures there, but when she started uploading all these photos, she felt as if she wanted to upload all, because the place is very beuatiful with bright, colorful lightings.. BUT, thank God, mummy able to stop herself from doing that, and came to a conclusion that, you need to go and see for yourself, guys.. Hehehe..

Soooooo NICE!! Ciao! :P

Yup, you can also find all of these animals there.. Cool kan?? :))


Giraffe.. :))

... and Elephant too.. :))

Come daddy, Aidan.. Let's have a walk.. :)

Cantik kan?? :)

Hmmmm.. :))

Just beautifulllll.. :)

The replicas.. :)

We just love this pic, walaupun kitorang gelap.. Hahaha..

Some of the stuff you can find at their night market.. :)

Crocs with cute decorations.. Macam2 ada.. Aidan got few of them.. Sooooo CUTE!!

Aidan- daddy BUBBLE TIME!!

Aidan suka!! One happy boy he is.. :)

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