Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Let's go Go Geous!!

Hey ladies, it's all about good practice, attitude or habit, to keep that flawless skin of yours ( or be one, in our case! hahaha ), and at the same time, for you to be healthy! It's like one bonus after another, and more good things waiting for you, IF YOU REALLY WANNA FIND WAYS TO GO GORGEOUS with GO GEOUS!

Hehehe.. Have you heard of this wonderful thing? Go Geous or more accurate, 'Go Geous - Swiss Apple Stem Cell', one of the latest supplement that you might heard nowadays, sebab currently, sana sini talk about it.. It is a product that stress a lot on health and beauty, and i know, it may remind you of Imedeen, that is also proven to help all 'ma ladies' to stay younger looking and flawless.. However, Go Geous is so much more than that, as it also stresses on health, and how it may help you at some point or in a long run thingy.. So, great kan??

Okie dokie, now, my friend and i are so into this product and as we can see that this is the best product ever to introduce to others.. We would like to share the beauty of it, through our small business together.. My friend, Evie decided to have a launching party of Go Geous, at her house this Sunday, so that we are able to share the product and meet our customers face to face! There will be small hi- tea to celebrate and to welcome all guests.. And you are invited!!

All you have to do, is to get me through my Facebook for RSVP by Thursday, and i will let you know the address ya.. It will be held in Ara Damansara, at 3 pm.. That's about it.. Details?? SMS!! Hehehe..

Go Go Geous!!

** Mari cuba beramai2.. :))
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