Sunday, July 4, 2010

Celebrating Aidan's fwennnn, Aariz!!

Hey Aarizzz!! Happy Birthday, fwen.. :)) I had a very great time yesterday at your place.. The party was great, and the baby cookies were yummy!! Hehehe.. I saw mummy had a very delicious laksa, while chit chatting with Aunty Lissa and Kaira, and your mummy too.. I was trying to grab my mummy's attention to have a taste of that laksa, but mummy pun macam merah jer muka, sebab laksa tuh quite hot.. Hehehe.. Pity mummy.. And i also felt really excited for you, but i hardly recognize everybody there.. Kesian mummy, she had to hold me most of the time.. Luckily your aunt, came to the rescue.. Hehehe.. Thanks Aunty Fara, for taking care of me, while mummy, enjoying her laksa.. *** Drool.. Hehehe.. :))

Aariz, aunty sayang Aariz!! Aariz nampak handsome sangat with your jersey smalam.. :)) Happy Birthday boy!! Nanti bila besar, boleh main ngan Aidan okay?? :)) Tihihihi.. Nanti Aidan join Aariz and Kaira dalam pool kay?? :P

My Brazilian boy!Wahhhhh!
Some of the decorations there.. The theme was: World Cup!! Nice!

Germany colors over there.. Tak nampak, tak tau lah.. Hehehe.. In the picture sebelah kanan.. Ello.. ello.. Abang Faiz!!

The clown for sure made the day livelier, sebab most of the kids memang participate abis.. Hehehe.. But, the clown minta those kids carik 5 handphone and bawa dekat dia.. hehehe.. Both Aunty Lissa and mummy cepat2 sembunyik.. Kakakaka.. :P

Party Cakes.. :))

Surprise from the grandpa and grandma.. :)) Aariz first sports car, BMW! :))

The Brazilians.. Thanks Aunty Fara, jaga Aidan.. Psssstt, tapi Brazil dah kalah, Argentina pun kalah.. Ayaaaaaa!

World Cup kali ni, rasa nyer sapa yang menang.. German ker?? Tihihi..

Anak mummy yang tak buat perangai kalau tak nampak mummy.. Hehehe.. Kalau nampak, nangis jer nak datang kat mummy.. :)

The birthday boy, and his parents.. :)

Happy Birthday again, Aariz!! Nanti datang party Aidan, kay?? :)
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