Friday, July 9, 2010

Aidan's pictures there will only appear tonite.. Yes, there's a video lupa nak post.. Malam ni.. Hehehe..
Aidan's Trip to the Colorful ICT, Shah Alam.. The city of lights?? :)

Last night, mummy and daddy brought Aidan to the famous spot nowadays.. Yup, The ICT Shah Alam.. This is Aidan's first experience, the second one for both the parents.. Yup, mummy and daddy went there last year, but during that time, it wasn't as grand as the one we have right now.. It was still in its early stage.. :)

So, last night, with the kicik in our arms, we walked our way through this so called place, with nothing but lights, everywhere! What a nice place! Not that they have loud music or whatsoever, this is not a FAIR okay?? Hahaha.. Just one nice place to walk with your family, spend some quality time together, and being amaze by all the lighting's effects, and few other things you can find there..

Aidan had a very great time there, he was like looking left and right, and left again.. I think he was all amazed with the lightings.. It took us quite sometime to get to the other side of the place.. Yup, it's not that huge, but since we walked pretty slow, we felt that the journey was quite long.. Hahaha.. Or should i say that, both of us dah start 'pancit' now?? Hahaha.. Oh, tidakkkkk..! But, we managed to get there, and had the chance to visit this one small night market..

In short, it was a fun short trip.. And before this, my sisters jer pegi.. Memang nak bawa Aidan ke ICT, but selalu jer lupa.. Padahal, the place is just like 5 minutes from my sister's.. ** Sigh.. Belakang rumah jer pun.. :P Hehehe..

Cerita on 'Fair'..

Mummy and Ateh in the car, talking about 'FUNFAIR!'.. *** oooohhh, really wanna bring Aidan to the fair.. Saper tau ada katner skang?? Besides Sunway petting zoo and theme park?? Kalau Sunway nyer, memang kitorang dah nak pegi ni, i need yang kat luar tuh, di tapak pesta.. Tau tak???

Okay back to the story..

As we were talking about this Funfair thingy, my brother in law, Caleb didn't really get what we were talking about.. And mummy and Ateh went.. 'You know, funfair??'

Caleb : Funfair?

Both of us : The fair.. For the kids..

Caleb : Oh, you mean that fair..

Mummy: You thought we were talking about..

Caleb : Oh no, we called it 'Fair'.. Not 'funfair'

Both of us : Hahaha.. Here in Malaysia, most of us call it 'Funfair'.. You know what Caleb, i think you should call it 'Funfair'.. If it is just a fair, it may not be a fun one.. But 'Funfair' speaks on its own.. It is something fun.. It is a fun fair.. !! You wanna go there to have fun right?? If NO FUN, then it is NOT FAIR!! Wakakaka..:)
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