Friday, August 6, 2010

Celebrating Aniq!

Hello everybody..

Mummy been so super busy, tak ter- update lagi on my cousin's Aniq, BIG DAY! Yup, Aniq turned 1 last Friday, and Sunday was his birthday party.. :) Happy Birthday Aniq! :))

Aniq is my cousin, same age as me.. Hehehe.. Just that Aniq is 1 1/2 months older.. :) He is my cousin (daddy side), a little brother of Harith, and a son of Mama Yong, and Paklong.. So, last Sunday, the parents came up with a party to celebrate their Captain Aniq.. It was a sweet party with relatives and closed friends came by, chit- chatting and stuff.. Ofcoz the real intention is to celebrate our Captain Aniq!

So, enjoy the pics ya.. :))

Theme : Blue and White

Venue : Lagenda, BJ

Food : EXCELLENT!! Hehehe.. :P

The Birthday Boy! in his Blue and White theme Birthday shirt.. :)

Seperti biasa, anak mummy tak kisahkan orang.. Kekeke..

Pantang dengar bunyik pelik sket.. He would surely nak tau apa.. Hmmm.. Major Observer.. :)

Ohhhh, the party favors, made by Mama Yong! :)

The Yummy Cakes and Cuppies.. So sweet.. :)

Aniq Arman is 1!

Cuppies.. Ooohhh.. sedapnyer.. :) Teringin lak skang ni.. Hehehe..

Moi baby.. :)

.... and Mama Yong's baby.. :)

I love this pic.. Aidan is for sure looks exactly like daddy.. :)

... ada tak rupa mummy?? Hahaha.. nak gak.. :P

Come on la kids.. Tengok camera.. *BOTH, tak layan mummy! Hahaha..

Geram pipi si kicik ni.. Nak 'geget' jer.. Hehehe.. :P

* Geram.. :P

Aidan conquer bola ker?? Naper Aniq nak nangis tuh??

Haaaaa.. main sama2.. Jangan gaduh2 kay?? Tihihihi.. :P

Excited nyer dia.. Focus main kot.. Muka all serious.. :P

The tent.. Can you spot hubby and moi?? :P

Aidan macam hairan, Achik buat per tuh?? Hehehe.. :P

We love him so.. so.. so.. much!!

Makan bola time, mummy?? Hehehe..


He just love iklan!! Look at him.. Oh my, macam dah besar anak mak ni.. :)

Oh ya.. kalau pegi jer BJ, hubby and i akan lalu depan rumah ni.. Why?? We just love the tree.. So nice.. Bagi rumah tuh nampak lagi cantik.. :)) Btw, banyak rumah di sini yang cantik2, whereby they renovate and use a lot of woods, for the shutters, fence and etc.. Both hubby and i, suker giler.. :)

Yerrr, close up.. Nak kena gi nursery nih.. Apa yek nama pokok ni?? *Scratch2.. :P
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