Tuesday, August 10, 2010

An entry on : I JUST CAN'T WAIT!

I just can't wait :

1. To see you walk.. Your first ever step! :)

2. To hear you call mummy, and daddy.. (well, his first word, is 'buy-bye' and currently, he starts to call my mom, 'ommm-pahhhh! (opah!) every morning, when he sees her.. OMG! :0 So sweet!

3. To have our first argument, of not buying you 'that' toy, you are asking for.. Hehehe.. :P

4. To play hide- and -seek with you!

5. To have our first serious conversation, that ends up with a kiss on my nose! :P

6. To have our first serious conversation, that ends up with, kissing you back on your nose! :))

7. To have you in my team, and make daddy feels really like 'Raymond!'.. Hehehe.. :P

8. To send you to school.. :) and to check how many stars you get that day! :P

9. To call you, and ask for favors.. HAHAHA! :P

10. To get a good night sleep hug from you!

11. ... for you to wake us up, and ask us if you could sleep together in our bed.. Hehehe..

12. To have our own secret hand- shake.. Cepat besar Aidan!! Hehehe.. :P

13. To have secret eye contact, that says 'Cepat, gaban daddy!!!'.. :P Kekeke..

OMG!! I just can't wait for everything now.. Aidan makin hari makin nampak besar, and dah start nak alert on things around him.. I just love to see his progress..

Oh my.. my best friend, you!! I love you!!

Currently, just love to panjat..

... and geget!!

... and geget some more.. aiyaaaa!

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