Thursday, August 26, 2010

DIY Party hat for the kicik!

Hi guys,

Hari ni, mummy nak share with my arty-crafty chicks/ friends yang selalu share ideas on anything yang related with arts, sebab masing2 nak share things yang chumel2, so that boleh buat sendiri if ada any occasions and stuff, and jimat pun jimat.. :) You know who you are, guys.. :)

Okay, the one project yang nak share today is on party hats! Actually, for this party hat, it is better to make one jer, maybe for the birthday girl/ boy pun dah cukup, sebab kalau rajin, takper lah, sebab to cater for all, mmg amik masa sket.. Hehehehe.. And actually, kan just nak make him stand out from the rest.. So, 1 party hat will do..

Yup, actually mummy did come up with one party hat for him and buat daripada foam, but last minute, i just fell in love with this felt paper, and terus i decide to make new one, and the fact that foam tuh pun not really strong, i rasa mmg tak boleh nak buat kenangan later on.. Yer lah, cepat koyak, and bila Aidan pakai pun tak really terletak.. So, this is the new party hat for him..

Based on his SB theme, here is SB party hat!!

Here's the process.. Tapi tak boleh nak show ikut turutan now, sebab after dah asyik buat sekerat jalan, baru mummy perasan yang mummy lupa nak snap pictures of them.. Hehehe..

What we need :

Same like what we need masa nak buat SB t-shirt aritu..

Untuk gambar Spongebob Bob:

* Gambar Spongebob

* Felt papers

* Gunting

* Glue
please refer to :

and for the party hat :

* that cone party hat! :))

Cara2 nyerrrr :

1) Okay, after kita dah buat muka Spongebob macam the first process mummy buat untuk Aidan's birthday t-shirt, we put it aside first.. (refer link above)

2) Then kita ambil party hat yang kosong tuh (no need to buy yang mahal2, get the one you can find dalam RM1 macam tuh sudah) and cover them with felt paper, and in my case, i use yellow felt paper, so lebih suit with the whole theme..

3) Now, take the face of Bob, and lekat at the front side of the hat, and wallaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. you have your SB theme party hat!!

4) To make it more interesting, decorate those spots yang kosong, and in our case we use blue polka dots felt faper.. :)

5) You can add your son's or daughter's name on the hat, but since t-shirt Aidan dah ada his name, i just keep the hat like that.. :)

6) You can use any other characters, (depending on your theme) and it's all about playing with the right colors, and eye- catching decor! :)

Hope you guys enjoy this entry and have few ideas on how to make your child's birthday as interesting as possible, without having to spend a lot.. Semuanya boleh DIY! :) BEST!!

The process.. Bila dah lekat2 semua.. :)) In the pictures also, you can see few other characters yang dah siap for the cousin's t shirt.. We have Mr. Krab, Patrick, Squidward, that whale lady (anak Mr Krab) and ofcoz, Sandy! :))

Close up! :)

Bila dah siap.. Tadaaaaaaaa.. Mata Bob yangs sebelah kanan tuh nak terkeluar lak.. okay *glue!

Okie dokie, lebih kurang camni la process nyer kay?? Kalau nak minta tempah buat pun takper.. Kitorang amik tempahan.. But, to be frank.. Buat sendiri for your little one lagi best.. rasa worth it jer.. :)

Good luck, guys!! :))
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