Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nice balloon arch.. :)
Can we come up with balloon arch, without having to use helium??

Jawapan nyer, BOLEH! But seriously Anne?? Hahahaha.. Terror sunggu Fara! (her sister- she was the one who responsible for the arch thingy :)) Hehehe..

Okay, citernyer, last few birthday yang kitorang attended, i saw my friend put up balloon arch kat her house porch, and the arch really screams 'partay!'.. But i thought she asked the party shop/planner to do it for her.. Yerlah, sebab as far as i know, kalau buat balloon arch, memanglah kena guna helium, and it is costly.. Kalau kena plak arch yang demand for 100 balloons just for the arch saja, kan dah berapa tuh.. And to know that lepas the party, the balloons tu will still be there, lagi rasa tak worth it.. (kalau buat sendiri lain sket.. helium is a little bit costly.. lain la if you use it and scatter it kat hall or something)

So, as i was album hoping kat FB, i saw her album on Aariz's birthday, and nampak all her siblings and adik beradik work together to make the arch, and tak guna pun helium.. Masing2 tiup the balloon sendiri, i supposed.. :) I terus double check with Anne, and memang diorang tak guna pun helium.. :) Best nyer.. Teror la Fara, the fact that she learned it masa her Uni days, and memang superb, sebab nampak macam expert jer yang put the balloons up.. :)

So, currently, tengah belajar macam mana nak come up with the arch without having to use helium.. I know how to make the arch shape, but to let it remain the arch shape tuh jer.. I'm not so sure balloon yang atas tuh akan jatuh atau tak.. Well, gravity! Hehehe.. To Evie, we did discuss about this masa Zara's party kan?? How i wish kita tau awal.. Hehehe.. Harap2 sempat belajar on this.. If not, takper lah.. Mummy pun dah start mengah nih.. Kekeke.. :P To all my friends, once i tau jer camner, will definitely post it here.. Sharing is caring, right?? And i love to share anything yang cute2 and cost saving with others.. So, tungguuuuuuuu!

p/s: Try Atria if you want to get high quality balloons but very cheap.. I got my Crazy Straws from Atria, and it cost me just a little.. Kalau di party shop, sendiri mau ingat.. hehehe.. :P

This version confirm boleh buat without helium.. :) All you need is a stand.. Kalau takder, just guna batang paip pun okay.. :)

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