Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Heyyyy.. We just want to PROMOTE!!


Actually, memang we are looking forward for her to set up this business of hers.. To be our dearest, fantastic personal shopper from USA!! Hahaha!! Bravo! My sis, Sha!! So proud of you..

Now, my sister dah set up this online business from her home, in Arizona, and the reason being of her to come up with this business is to help others to get what they want at a cheaper price.. Why?? Okay, memang ramai jer yang buat online business, and few items yang diorang jual memang actually agak mahal sebab masing2 nak markup harga, since kalau beli from boutique here in Malaysia, lagi mahal! But usually, these people got the products pun from overseas, and since my sister is there, she can see that, the things yang diorang jual tuh, is actually not that pricey kat sana, and her goal now, is to sell those things at a reasonble price, so that everyone can afford to wear original/ branded stuff without having to pay a lot! Here, her aim is to help others to look good, and feeling GREAT!

Besides the things you can find in her blog (that she will update once a while), you can also email her for the things that you saw online, and ask her to buy it for you.. Trust me, the price tend to be slightly cheaper, and this is an advantage for you.. She will respond to your emails for sure!

DON'T WE JUST LOVE OUR NEW PERSONAL SHOPPER??!! I know that all 11 of us DO!! Hahaha.. :P

Come on!! Check it out, and link it to your page!!

p/s: It will be awesome if you could just BISING2 about this blog!! Hehehe.. Thanks guys!!

p/s: You also need to ask her for wall decorations thingy, she's good at it.. Don't we just love Kohl's??? :P
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