Friday, August 27, 2010

Jom buat Pinata!!

Hi everyone.. Lagi entry on arts and crafts!! And this time, we gonna make a Pinata!!

Okay, first.. What is Pinata?? Okay, Pinata ni is a must to have for a party, sebab the kids will for sure LOVE it! Pinata is actually a doll or other decorated container filled with candy, that gets hit with a hammer or a stick by blindfolded children during birthday parties or other celebrations until the candy falls out. It can be done in many attractive shapes and sizes!

You can find Pinata at any party shop, and for something yang akan dipukul hingga pecah, but will still cost me, i choose to Do It Myself! DIM!! Hahaha.. Okay, so, based on your desired theme, you pick one shape or your fav character.. Please take note, it cost me only RM5.50 for this pinata!! Hahahahaha!!

For those who wish to have the pinata to be in circle or round- shaped, you can watch the video below! Memang senang sangat, and actually tak cost you anything pun.. Just guna 1 balloon, and surat khabar lama, and few things yang mmg you can find at home! Nothing complicated or yang susah nak cari and all!! Hehehe..

Okay, for our birthday theme, Spongebob, both Aidan and I pick 'Plankton' as our Pinata.. Not only we did come across the instructions on how to do it.. Hahaha.. Yer, kitorang pun refer! *Duhh! But 'plankton' is one of the SB characters, and it will be awesome to have him during the party! So, jom kita belajar, macam mana nak buat 'Plankton' pinata! For those yang just nak round- shaped pinata, you can watch the video below kay??

What we need :

* Any kotak lama (cardboard box) e.g: kotak kasut, kotak lampu lama ker.. Hehehe..
* Sugar paper green color
* Tape
* Construction papers - depends on the characters
* Knife
* Black marker
* Scissors
* Pipe cleaners / just more sugar paper for the antenna
* String
* Glue

How to do it?

1. Cut hole pada ke- empat2 side cardboard box, and just leave an inch jer lebih, so that it will be easy for the box to tear off etc, when the kids hit it..

2. Use the sugar paper to wrap the whole cardboard box tadi.. :) and use the packing tape to attach it together, buat kalau boleh, minimize the use of packing tape, sebab kita nak the pinata to be really fragile, okay??


3. Make 4 holes di atas kotak tadi.. In our case, tak boleh lagi sebab birthday this coming October, and ofcoz tu put the sweets and stuff now, macam tak sesuai.. :)

4. Use the string and tie it loose pada dua lubang di tengah..

5. And for the 2 other holes (kat both sides tuh), we gonna use the Pipe Cleaner/ paper jer for the Plankton's Antenna! Cute!

6. Okay, now use other Construction papers to decorate the whole box.. Now, create our Plankton!!

7. Don't forget to fill the Pinata with candies, toys and more cute stuff!!

8. Seal the opening, and Tadaaaaaaaaa.. You have your Plankton Pinata!!


For round- shaped Pinata, the process is different, you might want to watch this! :))

Happy trying, and Good Luck!! :))

Our version!!

Crepe paper ni mummy tambah to create the 'ropol2' that a pinata selalu ada.. It's the trademark right?? :)

Guna cutter, and cut four holes pada kotak..

Something like this!

Haaaaa.. bila dah ke-4 lubang dipotong keluar.. :)

Cover it with the sugar paper.. :)

Like this.. tadaaaaa!

Haaaaaaa.. jom decorate our plankton!

Something like this!

You can pick nak bagi senget.. :0

Or just straight! :))

Haaaaaaa... Tadaaaaaaa!! Hampir siap!!

Jom buat ropol2.. :)

Something like this!

With Gee.. Excited tengok mummy ker your pinata?? :P

Aidan before taking his afternoon bath.. :)


Tadddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! Siap!! But please take note, mummy tak buat lagi antenna, tangan and kaki, sebab nak tunggu October, bila dah sesuai for the candies to be stuffed inside.. :)

Haaaaa.. a pinata should have ropol2! :) Cool!

View inside the pinata macam ni.. That paper yang cover the body should be fragile and senang koyak, so that the candies able to fall down from the pinata, yerrrrr.. :)

This is RM5.50 Pinata, and i think for something yang akan diketuk hingga koyak, this is really cost- saving..

Okie dokie!! Cuba laaaaaaa.. :))

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