Wednesday, August 25, 2010

New stuff!! New CHEAP stuff!!

Please check it out (kalau regularly lagi bagus.. hehehe) my sis, Sha's blog..

You can find new handbags being posted there, and as usual they are all at reasonable prices..

Okay, i give you an example of a situation 'A' happened to face last week..

'A' bought this NICE, GORGEOUS handbag of Simply Vera Wang from this XX online boutique, and it cost her RM450.. and one day, she came across this blog :, and as she scrolled down to see what's new, she saw, her SVW, at RM320 plus shipping!! and she went............................... BERSERK!!

So, care for a visit to this wonderful shopping heaven! as she also can act as your personal shopper.. Just let her know the details of the things you want her to find there, and she will swing to the mall in no time.. Yup, she swings!! Hehehe.. And you might get cheaper price for it.. So, hooorayyyyyy!

Happy shopping!!
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