Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Check out, what's new?? :))

Hey all..

From the Party Palz with LOVE!! We bring you good stuff for your birthday, and let's make your birthday, the unforgettable one!! Okay, if it is not for you, then it's for the KIDS!! Hahaha.. Okay, we have so many cute things for the kids birthday party, and this time, i would like to share what's in store for those with 'themed party'.. And this time, we gonna share few cute stuff for 'Safari Theme Party!'..

Trust me, murah2.. But bear in mind, this price doesn't include shipping fee lagi yerrrrr.. :) and how berat the items.. Okie dokie.. So, shopping smartly.. Sometimes you don't have to have semuanyer for the party.. Jangan membazir, unless DIY! Ahaks!! :P

p/s: Thank to Mar, Aida and Nisha for the responds, and hopefully barang akan sampai tak lama lagi.. :) Nisha, total dah dapat for the things you ask, cepat online!! :)) Hehehe..

Animal Paratroopers - 48 pieces - RM60 (each cost RM1.25)

Animal print bracelet - per dozen/ 12 - RM20 (each cost Rm 1.60)

Animal characters bubbles - 24 pieces - RM 32 (each cost RM 1.30)

Animal finger puppets - 24 pieces - RM 32 (each cost RM 1.30)

Ainmal fun buttons - 24 pieces - RM 32 (each cost RM 1.30)

Zoo porcupine animals - per dozen/ 12 - RM 32 (each cost RM 2.60)

Animal masks (foam) - per dozen/12 - RM 32 (each cost RM 2.60)

Animal treat box - per dozen/12 - RM 20 (each cost RM 1.60)

Animal Cups - per dozen/12 - RM 60 (each cost RM 5) NO NEED OTHER FAVORS, THIS ONE CAN BE THE FAVORS!! So, JIMAT!! :))

Animal visors - per dozen/12 - RM 60 (each cost RM 5) - SESUAI GANTIKAN PARTY HAT FOR THE KIDS!!

A lot more on Safari theme- cups, plates, costumes, tails, and many other.. We can email you the pictures.. First, kena la interested!! Hehehehe.. :))

Please feel free to ask for things untuk other theme party.. We have a lot! Check out, current HOT theme:

* Circus theme party (Aidan's 2nd party for sure!!) :P

* Monster theme party

* Robots theme party

* Beach theme party

* Pirate theme party

* Luau theme party

* Dinosaur theme party

* Race car theme party

* Rockstar theme party

* Princess theme party

* Movie awards theme party

and MANY MORE!! Just ask, okay????

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