Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Something that inspires me!

For the kicik Aidan's playroom.. DIY projects! cost saving and one nice sentimental value! :))

Here, i just wanna share some of the photos i got from the internet, and i know few of my friends, who LOVEEEE arts, will for sure love these pictures.. Something to inspire all.. I know, dalam diri masing2, mesti ada this soft spot on benda2 cantik, and to decorate a place to look nice, right?? But, usually, we need something to refer to and get as much ideas as possible, and baru boleh deliver, right?? Lain lah kalau kita ni Rizalman! Kekeke.. Yup, he has great ideas, and memang gah! sangat right??

But, kalau small2 projects like the kids playroom and all, gambar2 from the internet pun will do, kan?? Just that, kena be extra rajin lah.. Sementara perut ni tak besar and mengah2 mode baru rasa sket2 ni, cepat2 lah yer buat apa2 yang patut.. Kalau tak, memang makan tahun baru nak siap.. kekeke..

Jom, enjoy the pics, and i hope as much as they inspire me, they inspire you too.. And boleh lah kita ber-decor bersama2.. Tak yah panggil Eric! Kekeke.. :)

This is on - How they play with the colors.. Nice right, simple but the feeling is oh so, right! :)

Very attractive decor.. I've been meaning to come up with something like this, but maybe i'm gonna change the cone- shaped decor up there with the Cross- stitch hoops, with colorful and cute wrappers to cover the holes.. I guess, both are CHOMEIIII.. :)

Sweet! :0 Actually, lagi banyak cute decor you can find online.. and most of them DIY, but antara rajin atau tak jer.. Hehehe.. Like me, skang okay lagi, but bila perut dah besar, tak tau lah camner.. Maybe berjanggut juga for his playroom to betul2 habis di- decor.. Kekeke..

Cute stuff.. Kalau tengok betul2, this artwork tak demand a lot of time, and the material yang guna pun takder lah yang crazy expensive.. Will for sure do this for his room.. Guna foam pun okay ni.. :)

Just love the paintings.. and the arrangements.. and the colors.. how they blend the two colors together.. Aidan's room color ni la plak.. Hahaha.. Thought of nak buat playroom Aidan next to his room kat atas, but since we are expecting adik for him, the room kena la kasik kat adik yer.. Playroom Aidan dah shift ke bawah.. :)

Hot air balloon is so 'HOT' nowadays, kan??

Cute stuff!! :)) Jom Cubaaaaa!!
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