Monday, September 6, 2010

I know i'm late.. :P but i recommend this!

OMG! I just love this movie.. I tak sure bila keluar di pawagam, but i think dah 100 years ago kot.. Hahaha.. Now only i got to watch it.. Tuh pun tak habis, and tengok pun dah sekerat jalan.. *Aiyaaaaa! Thanks to ASTRO.. :)

Last Saturday, after we reached Kelana Jaya, rumah MIL, my sister in law, Ieta and i were soooo into this movie.. Very interesting and i just love watak Aisya.. As beautiful as her name is, her character is something that i admire so much.. Very kind, loving, loyal, just name it.. :)

Sampailah hubby balik from seeing his friend, sebab nak pegi tengok curtain.. Huhuhu.. So, memang la sekerat jalan jer tengok citer tuh.. Uwaaaaa! Maybe i should grab a copy of the dvd kan?? Nak tengok.. Huhuhu..

You can also find the OST for this movie.. Ayat- ayat Cinta from none other than the gorgeous petite Rossa! :) Jom nonton! :P

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