Friday, September 3, 2010

Surprise.. Surprise!.. from Aunty Inn.. :)

A surprise to our kicik Aidan!!

Wahhhhh, how excited mummy was, when Aunty Inn said that she'd be sending Aidan his Birthday Cuppies, so that we could celebrate pre- birthday party for Aidan.. Wahhh! Pre- birthday party?? Hehehehe.. Thanks Aunty Inn, for baking Aidan some cuppies.. :)

Theme: What do you want to be when you grow up??


Okay, Aunty Inn came up with 16 cute occupations cuppies for little Aidan and they were all so adorable!! Nak makan pun sayang.. Hehehe.. :) Thanks again Aunty Inn, drive safe to Singapore!! :))

Once dapat jer, mummy couldn't wait to reach home and show to my boy! Although Aidan tak tau what was it all about, but bila kata food jer, i know my son sentiasa on! Hehehe.. It would be super cute to see him eating his first personalized cuppies.. :) Bila sampai, cupcakes dah melted sket, but takper lah, still cute.. :)

Okie dokie, enjoy the pics, guys!! :))

( I love being surrounded by loveable people, and Aunty Inn seems to be one of them.. ) and i miss my chicas!! :(

Wahhhh.. Aidan is 1! Belum lagi laaaa.. This coming 13th, kay?? Hehehehe.. :)

We have doctor, fireman, police, soldier, businessman, accountant, judge, pilot, professor, astronaut, scientist, and many more.. :) InsyaAllah.. God's will.. :)

Cuteyyyyy.. :)

All excited.. Result, satu gambar pun tak berapa nak clear.. He would jump around, and gerak2 some more.. Huhuhu.. :P

Aidan and his cuppies.. :)

Daddy layan his son.. and poor Haikal, tak tinggal puasa lagi.. And dah kurus dah.. One strong boy!

Masing2 tak sabar nak rasa that cuppies.. A little bit sweet.. :)

Aidan ngapppp dulu! Hehehehe..

See, excited sampai gambar pun goyang.. Huhuuhu.. :P

Yummy, nyum nyum!! :)

p/s: Talking about cuppies, wait till you see our Aunty Jaja's Polka Dots cuppies for Aidan's birthday.. :) Mummy asked her to bake some, and she was all excited as mummy picked Polka Dots for the toppings.. Polka Dots are just adorable.. :) You can make orders here.. :)
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