Monday, September 20, 2010

One little candle, One little cake, One first year to CELEBRATE! Aidan's Birthday gathering.. :)

Date : 13/09/2010

Location : Angah's

Who were there : Angah, Kak Farah, Kak Fatin, Kak Shasha, Mian, Abang Ibrahim, Anjang Zahrah, Amjad, Farhati, Pia, Opah, Bella, Wawa, Gee, and ofcoz, your parents.. :)

Aidan's small party on his birthday was held at Angah's.. Just a small gathering with lovely people, and a cake that everyone adores.. Hehehe.. Okay2, few of my nieces and nephews not really into it, but somehow, habis gak cake tuh.. Hehehe.. Alhamdulillah.. :)

It was daddy's idea, to get him a cake on his birthday, sebab kalau nak tunggu his party this coming October, memang lambat lagi, and it may be a party but not as special as his actual birth day.. Walaupun with lots of balloons and stuff.. Still tak sama.. So, a cake is a must! :)

Thanks to Angah and Anjang for the gifts.. Aidan loves them so much, his first handphone and choo choo train.. :)) Mummy jaga semua mainan Aidan, takut rosak.. Bila Aidan ketuk2 sket jer, mummy say ' no'.. Tak boleh itu ini.. Hehehe.. Bukan apa, mummy kata, nak ajar Aidan appreciate benda dari awal.. :) Now, Aidan ada playroom sendiri, mummy simpan semua toys Aidan dalam my playroom, so that Aidan jaga, and tak sepah2 kan.. Hehehe.. Thanks again aunties.. :)

Ehhhh.. ehhhhh.. Aidan dah besar laaaa.. :) Ohhhh, ya.. Remember center piece mummy made for my playroom?? Yup, smalam mummy and daddy dah put it up.. Officially, that's my room! Hehehe.. Mummy's project to paint murals for my room kena postponed next time plak, sebab mummy is 3 months pregnant now, and tak boleh bau cat and panjat memanjat.. She ended up with cute wall stickers jer.. But i can see that she put a lot of efforts in decorating my playroom, walaupun mummy cepat mengah.. Hihihi.. Nasib baik most of the things for my room, mummy beli awal2 lagi, and selama ni were kept in daddy's room in Kelana Jaya.. Now, they were all ready to be placed in my room.. :) Best2..

Presents.. presents.. Thanks Makngah and Anjang.. :)

Sama tak jambul..? Hehehe.. :P

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