Monday, September 20, 2010

When Alang called for 'makan2'.. :)

My sister, Kak Zainab called us for makan2, and ofcoz those who live nearby memang tak nak missed the gathering.. So, all of us went to her place, yang memang di Seksyen 7 Shah Alam juga.. Hehehe.. Did i ever mention yang i've got 5 sisters who live in Seksyen 7 saja.. Yup, it is easy when you live nearby, sebab semua boleh take care of each other.. That's one thing yang i admire about my family, my siblings.. Memang kitorang kalau boleh nak duduk dekat2, so that boleh help each other especially during ups and downs.. Even i was asked to live closer to them, tapi hubby plak dah bought a house yang memang jauh sket from them.. Nasib baik masih di area Shah Alam, walaupun amik masa like 20-25 minutes to get to their houses.. :))

So, the makan2 went so well, with most of my siblings were there, the nieces and nephews pun boleh get together, taking pictures for Abang Ibrahim's latest art project (yup, you should see Aidan's frames of animal cuts from Abang Ibrahim.. Sooooo, CUTE!

A day at Alang's.. My kicik for sure had a blast, sebab being the youngest there, he became the center of attention.. Hehehe.. Thanks to Fatin, Far, Sha sha and others for helping mummy with my kicik.. He loves all of you, and i know it just by looking at his eyes, and the way he brightens up, everytime he sees all of you.. :)

Mummy and Opah.. :)

Everone enjoyed the yummy food.. Macaroni.. Yummy!!

Sandwiches and kueh raya.. :)

Daddy eat at thse same time layan the kicik, menari dengar lagu raya.. :) The video in coming entry kay?? :)

Caha cha, Kak Farah and Abang Hafiz.. :)

Aliah.. :)

It was hillarious.. They played the song from LOVE GURU.. Hehehe.. :P

Omar perhaps find his latest passion.. Music.. :)

Abang Ibrahim playing darts.. :)

The nephews and nieces.. :)

Daddy.. Dadda.. Diddi.. :P

Dan Dan mummy!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Bila lepas makan, terus head to the gym.. Hahaha.. :P

Thanks Alang for the 'makan2', and we shall do it every year, kay?? Kekeke.. :)

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